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  • submax44 submax44 Nov 16, 2006 10:56 PM Flag

    This Is Why Walmart Will Kill Walgreens

    Are you so ignorant to think that Walgreens doesnt know who there customer is?Walgreens has stated over and over they will not match the 4 dollar drug plan because there is no need for them to do so.Walgreens customers fall into that middle class, employed with health care, convenience more important then a couple bucks group of people.Fact: WAGS same store sales are up since the 4 dollar drug plan and wallys same store sales are down.So tell me again which part of your ass crack you pulled this theory from.Wallys same store sales have been on a flat out slide and they keep coming up with excuses and lost leaders to stop the bleeding.Last week they made big news stating they would "slash prices on small home appliances" are you kidding me?Toasters and coffee pots are the hot items this holiday season?I was way off i thought it was ps3, WII,ipods.Oh, but guess what the guys who make those products dont let stores like wallmart devalue the goods.And the best part of this whole story is im going to make a killing due to analists and people like yourself not understanding walgreens.We are a society of convienence.Two working adults and 1.5 kids per family who the hell has time for wallmart.Oh,i know the welfare receiving,lower wage earning class of people who dont have money to spend anyways.You are clueless and i must be unreasonable for thinking so.Ya right

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    • bob24765 May 21, 2009 2:52 PM Flag

      i am driver for walgreens in boston mass. walmart cant touch wag they have store on allmost every block in boston and suburbs too today i del. to 3 stores all less than mile apart, there is no property for walmart to build so this is same in every city

    • very well put. but you also must remember one important thing. if not for dumb people like the thread starter as well as all the other dumb money out there, quality companies and their stocks would not come on sale for sane and smart people to buy at a discount to their fair value.

      we should all actually thank walmart. if you think about it, they did us a favor by announcing their plan, they effectively put walgreen and cvs on their holdiay discount sale rack. thanks walmart.

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      • Look what happened to the insurance companys post katrina.If you bought at a level you thought to be a bottom and held through hurricane season you made big money.In may the whole group went down on the fear and speculation of what may be.When the season was mild and earnings came in the facts were out.The story will be the same here.Look at a chart for best buy, when wallys announced they would be increasing there presence in the electronic space this last summer the stock tanked tanked and tanked.Then they reported sss and earnings and bam, up way up and up some more.Lots of people go short retail this time of the year.Buy 4th of july and sell thanksgiving.The added selling pressure from the speculation that Walmart will kill walgreens has really pushed this thing down.
        But thats all it is speculation.

    • prof_martin_van_nostrand prof_martin_van_nostrand Nov 22, 2006 9:42 PM Flag

      I would be the first one to laugh with you at some of the blind-faith that WAG-ers have in the company. Buy it at any price. And for the last 6 years or so, they have gotten nearly a zero return on their money. Probably about the only thing they've gotten is the dividend (but it's getting cheaper and will some day be a buy), but the price is pretty much the same as it was 5 or 6 years ago. You would have gotten a better return from an ING savings account or better yet, bonds.

      However, I do not agree that Walmart will eventually kill Walgreen nor do I believe that that is why the stock price is (currently) sinking.

      It's sinking because it's simply been an expensive stock for the past several years and nobody's buying the pyramid anymore. It will become attractive again soon as the PE ratio compresses more. Sooner or later, it will hit "value" stock status... and then I'll buy.

      As far as your argument goes that people buy everything they need at Walmart, I have trouble with that one too. It's a matter of convenience. I don't shop at Walmart too much because I don't want to go shopping and have to park a half-mile away from the store, fight the crowds and the lines, and turn what should be a 20 minute shopping trip into an hour shopping trip. My time is worth more than that. Stores are also learning that being located near a Walmart is not such a bad thing. Traffic to your store certainly increases and I believe I recall reading that the Walgreen guys are on record as saying they welcome Walmart. It increases traffic, business, and the bottom line.

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