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  • schmeeters schmeeters Nov 17, 2006 12:24 PM Flag

    This Is Why Walmart Will Kill Walgreens

    very well put. but you also must remember one important thing. if not for dumb people like the thread starter as well as all the other dumb money out there, quality companies and their stocks would not come on sale for sane and smart people to buy at a discount to their fair value.

    we should all actually thank walmart. if you think about it, they did us a favor by announcing their plan, they effectively put walgreen and cvs on their holdiay discount sale rack. thanks walmart.

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    • Look what happened to the insurance companys post katrina.If you bought at a level you thought to be a bottom and held through hurricane season you made big money.In may the whole group went down on the fear and speculation of what may be.When the season was mild and earnings came in the facts were out.The story will be the same here.Look at a chart for best buy, when wallys announced they would be increasing there presence in the electronic space this last summer the stock tanked tanked and tanked.Then they reported sss and earnings and bam, up way up and up some more.Lots of people go short retail this time of the year.Buy 4th of july and sell thanksgiving.The added selling pressure from the speculation that Walmart will kill walgreens has really pushed this thing down.
      But thats all it is speculation.

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