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  • taiguyandcheeky taiguyandcheeky Dec 7, 2006 7:15 PM Flag

    This Is Why Walmart Will Kill Walgreens


    This is interesting. Did you make it up or did you actually read it somewhere? Technological advancement in pharmacy is always a good thing, as long as patient safety is not compromised.

    Only insecure, �victim mentality� types who lack in self-confidence have fear of losing their jobs as society advances. My career in pharmacy is winding down. But I do worry for young pharmacists who are just starting out. The shift in demographics will result in an ever-increasing avalanche of scripts from baby-boomers � good for WAG but tough for the profession.

    I appreciate your concern but it�s unwarranted. My financial future is quite secure. Like many on this board, I am self-made � no welfare from daddy-in-law. According to studies, most welfare kids don�t turn out so well, financially and psychologically. They never had the priceless learning experience of making it on their own. I hope you�re an exception to that rule.