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  • eliminate_floor_traders eliminate_floor_traders Nov 22, 2006 11:55 AM Flag

    Bananarug owns wag at 42.65. share?


    How's the investment going. Imagine wag has given up what 2 years worth of profit. Plus when you figure you could have gotten 5% in a MMF you're down even more. So hows the investment going? Still think I'm wrong about the supply chain changing, that growth is slowing? If you want to buy a stock that will go up buy this one dyn.
    Remeber this post of yours
    "Math must be a problem for you. I am in for 1500 shares at an average price of about 42.65 "

    This topic is deleted.
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    • So your saying that instead of people conveniently doing the printing at home they will incur the inconvenience to drive to their wag to save money? This is contrary to what you say about people not going to wally to save money on scripts. You're not making any sense or logic. Besides I've done the photo printing and the quality is excellent. I also contest its cheaper to go to wag.

    • You are obviously retarded. I posted the apology to trap you into admitting that you use NUMEROUS ID's on this board and others. I can attack you under any alias and not worry about the consequences because YOU are an idiot and a moron! The others on this board think you are a JOKE, and of course, you are. Don't you read the posts sent in response to you? Salvage my rep? The biggest damage to my rep is posting under even an approximation to your stupid,dull-witted, ridiculous ID. You still have someone posting under Yamk_mahogoff so there are others who share my low opinion of you. I first posted in response to you on the Darden board if you check your facts, not your strong suit, but I had to follow you over here because this board is where you spent most of your time annoying people. I enjoy making fun of your pontificating posts where you use other ID's to agree with yourself. You are a fool if you think anyone is taking you seriously. I repeat they all think you are a JOKE!! Why don't you try and send out a message to the board asking if they think you are a reasonable poster or a complete fool and see what your response is. I am gone for now but I might be back someday to update everyone on the adventures of the two unloveable, loser louts by the name of Yank and URA Retard and also to see if you are using all the stupid ID's that you like to use here to make people think that you have credibility. Incidently I am sure the closest you got to Hawaii was the pineapple section at the corner grocery store so don't BS everyone about how you went to the big island. The short yellow bus doesn't go that far!!

    • <Unless you repost your apology under the Wag_bag_holder ID, you remain gutless.>
      Just like YOU did when you fessed-up to posting all of the bananarug knock-offs? No one asked you for proof that you were the fake bananarug because we all knew it was you. You fell right into the trap when I said I was Wag_bag_holder because I knew it was ANOTHER one of your ID's and only you would know it also and demand proof. So listen you sanctimonious little slug, you can follow your advice and quit posting under so many duplicate, foolish ID's or else piss off because you obviously can't take a dose of your OWN putrid medicine. Like YOU said "If not, you are just a lying asshole, playing more stupid games and wasting everyone's time." Again, take your advice, loser!

    • <you obviously are gutless to admit who you are... or to apologize...>

      Alright, I will admit that I am.............
      and since it is Thanksgiving.....I apologize.

      Are you happy now?

    • Bananarug and all other posters (yes INCLUDING Yank),
      I wish you and all of your families a Happy Thanksgiving with safe travel. I am a bit late due to playing 36 holes of golf today and then celebrating at the 19th hole so I didn't want to be remiss and not wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Eat hearty and be thankful that we actually have enough money to invest, even if we don't always agree on what to invest in.

    • Thanks Bananarug, to you as well and to the rest of the board.
      I admire and commend all members for your interest in investing and your pursuit of financial freedom. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • It's 1500 shares at $42.38

      He held onto it because he didn't want to pay the taxes on the 17k profit when WAG hit $51 and now he's saddled with a 3k loss.

      His 60k investment will be worth 240k in a few years. It looks more like it will be worth 40k in the near-future.

      URA Brilliant Retard

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