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  • taiguyandcheeky taiguyandcheeky Dec 10, 2006 1:28 AM Flag

    Could Yank Be Right?

    Yank has been insisting that WAG should match WMT�s $4 scam. We mocked him, insulted him, and laughed at him. We called him idiot, moron, dimwit, jackass, imbecile and I think someone tossed in �subhuman garbage!� Sure, all of the above is still true. But is it possible that he got lucky?

    Walgreens has indeed countered WMT�s $4 stunt with its own discount program for cash payers. Details forthcoming (unless someone else already has the early details). Bottom line: it much-ado-about-nothing � simply a battle of PR departments over an ever-diminishing species, the cash-payer.

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