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  • basher.detector basher.detector Feb 14, 2007 9:05 PM Flag

    Another losing day in the life of Neggyfilthtard!!

    When we last left Neggy he was quite accurately defined as "One of life's losers, where even mediocrity looks like over-achievement and failure is a daily occurrence, to be embraced like an old friend!" Neggy, under his pen name of Philthy Yank, the bloated, drooling, moronic, poop-picker-upper retard, has tried in vain, virtually everyday, to type some sort of inane message, that strives to be clever, witty and humorous. He is an abject failure in each and every attempt! It is almost painful to read what newest profanity, depravity and utter refuse offered up that Neggyankphiltard finds clever, amusing and humorous (to him only)! The regular posters on this message board find him despicable on his best days and the newbies must be shaking their heads in disbelief at what they are reading! Taiguy said it best, hang on tight NeggyYankphilturd because Yahoo is about to pull the flush handle again and your world will be swirling around you with all of us holding plungers! Say hello to the Tidy Bowl man as you go by and hold your breath because you're about to go back to where you obviously came from! I hope you have fun at the caca reunion! You will feel right at home. Adios!

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    • filthysanchez_filthysanchez filthysanchez_filthysanchez Feb 15, 2007 5:59 AM Flag

      How many crosses did you burn in people's yards last night?

      I bet you look cute in your hood, and all.

      Love your other ID "u r so gay"... do you hate gay people too? To be fair, though, maybe you only use that ID to give all your own messages stars under your other ID's including crankyyank, egbert_pickledick and larry_lunkhead.

      Your stock price is in the CRAPPER! Any questions?

      Bomp, bomp.


    • I�d like to donate a Costco-size jug of Drano, to help break down Filthyneggyanktard in to more manageable flush pieces. The Drano and all of us with industrial plungers should do the trick. It�ll be quite a work-out, but well worth the effort. I just fear, when we�re not looking, Kanuts will siphon him back up, and like a high-fiber floater, he�ll bob back to the surface, with a new ID of course � an endless cycle of flushed and re-emergence. What a life. LOL!