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  • cpharmster cpharmster Feb 15, 2007 8:44 PM Flag

    tvella1110 is a Psychotic Wag Basher

    Same psychotic message, different alias.

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    • yanker:

      Either you are lying (typical of you) or you invest in an amoral company such as NIKE. Either way you are the loser. Need I remind you of a prior post? I guess I do.

      So don't EVER come on this board again spouting ethics, because you don't even know what that is, as if I couldn't tell by your name, eh.

    • I seems obvious that Filthyanktard posts and then multi-stars his miserable efforts! You can tell this by the fact that all of Filthyanktards posts(dumps) are highly rated(by him) briefly until other posters come along and say "what the hell...." and award his foul donations to the board with one star and other more reasonable contributions with multi-stars! I still say there should be multi-Mr Yuck faces for the Filthyanktard dumps that he leaves on the board! Good observation by the astute Taiguy as usual! I am awarding 5 stars to his post, and will await Filthyankturds response with the coveted one star, only because no stars will only leave his self-praised rubbish with more stars than they deserve! So far all of the "Basher Rules" are just a report on Filthyankturd's M.O., but the real hilarity is realizing that he is oblivious to his retarded posting style and sanctimoniously thinks we must be talking about someone else! LOL!!

    • Rule #7: Use multiple aliases to five-star your dimwitted posts, to help counter-balance the avalanche of one-star ratings. No one would ever suspect such a clever ploy. After all, who would be a big enough loser to waste their time with such pathetic behavior? Remember, those lousy Wag-pumpers have healthy, well balanced lives. They waste their time with family, friends, working, bathing and other hygienic chores. We mouth-breathing slack-jawed unemployed losers, on the other hand, have all the time in the world.

    • Neggy,
      It might NOT be true, but I will give you credit for a good line! Take the bows, it doesn't happen very often!

    • The tombstone link was related to Wag's stock performance over the last six years, it's been DEAD money.

    • Rule #6: When your feeble posts fail to convince a single intelligent person, try using profanity, vulgarity, depravity and lies. To be especially effective, describe minorities, animals and your own mother in disgusting scenarios. Remember, you�re all about class.

    • Beware,
      There is a low-life loser with a similar alias to mine posting here. He used an "o" instead of an "a" in his last ID, to indicate he was a zero, but that was flushed by Yahoo and now he uses a "y" instead of the "o" to indicate he is a yutz! I am the ORIGINAL!! He is pond scum and should be dealt with harshly. He is not a stockholder anywhere and recently had his temporary membership in the human race revoked.

      My name is Original Yank and I approve this message!

    • Rule #5: Make all your investment decisions on the outcome of douche rebates.

    • Rule#2: Possess only rudimentary or non-existent arithmetic skills, so that all of your calculations are not only wrong, but LOUD wrong! When proven wrong on the botched calculations say "yeah, I was wrong, so what"!

      Rule#3: Pick a throughly disgusting, crude and obnoxious ID and then wonder why you are not taken seriously.

      Rule#4: When switching quickly between disgusting IDs, recommend a link you made in another post, without checking to see if it is the right link or if the link even works! You end up with erroneous links about stolen grave stones, instead of financial matters, but no matter, steadfastly deny that you are BOTH of the posters, the sender and the recommender! LOL!

    • get out of that childness...this is a professional messege board, if you have anything germaine to professionalism, lets hear of it but if your just gona spout your unfounded acquasasions then your going on ignor....bye

      • 2 Replies to tvela1110
      • Even the Howler monkies of the Brazilian rain forrest stay quiet before dawn. Your train of "thought' will not lead to profit. It will most certainly cause commentary at the lodge.

      • Once again my anti-retard software isn't working because I am still getting the inane posts of tvella1110! My question after slogging through this example of illiteracy is this:
        if this is a "professional message board" then what in the world is a bashing little troll like tvella1110 doing on it?

        <if your(sic) just gona(sic) spout your unfounded acquasasions(sic)>
        Translation of what Mr "Professional" said (in English) is "if you're going to spout your unfounded accusations".
        I guess he means unfounded like he does with.......WAG is on it's way down and timmbbbberrrrr etc! The fact is tvella is a basher, but obviously not a very good one and also obviously someone who can't take what he dishes out! So you can put us all on ignore, then we can wise up all of the unsuspecting posters, you try to dupe and you won't know anything about it. Also we can say that you are a wimpy, weak, attempted basher with no expertise in Wag or anything else,that could double his IQ and still be a moron! Bye loser!

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