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  • crankyyank crankyyank Mar 6, 2007 11:48 PM Flag

    10 days until Yank's convention

    He still won't be able to get himself together.

    Sounds as though he is going to be playing with himself, only in public this time. (SHUuuDDDDDERRRRrrrrr)

    The dummy would probably try to rent out a 20 room block, but you know he would be the only one there (talking to himself in different voices) and trashing all the rooms before running out on the tab.

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    • This guy Yank is a stinking pile of monkey crap mixed together with a bucket of pig puke! If that visual doesn't sound too appealing, you must remember that it is better than the reality that is the cretinous Yank! Probably smells better too! I have read all of the BS he has dumped on the message board today and there is little wonder why he is an unemployed and despised bumpkin. He was quickly run off of the Wal-Mart board, (lol) his retarded pumping was less acceptable THERE than it is here. The sad fact is that he is still here, stinking up the board, since no where else will have him or even respond to him. The solution seems to moving closer to using the ignore function, even though all of the regular Wag supporters say that it is only for losers! Now that I think about it, YANK is the only one who ever put anybody on ignore! That settles it, ignore IS FOR LOSERS! If we keep beating him down, sooner or later he will be forced to look for greener pastures. Off to the dustbin, Yank, or else take another beatdown!