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  • yank_myhogoff yank_myhogoff Mar 11, 2007 3:36 PM Flag

    Walgreens Most Embarrassing Moments


    10. Walgreens hires a junkie as a pharmacist who proceeds to steal 86,000 pills and goes undetected as an addict for five years while on the WAG payroll.
    9. Walgreens fails to detect the loss of enormous quantities of controlled substances and gives the junkie pharmacist satisfactory performance appraisals, permitting him to remain in his job.
    8. A jury awards $36M to the family of a Walgreens customer killed by the same junkie pharmacist when he fills a script with the wrong medicine while loaded on stolen pills at his Walgreens.
    7. Walgreens is cited by 60 Minutes for refusing to fill doctor-prescribed contraception and declares war on its female customers that "Walgreens knows best" what is proper for them.
    6. Walgreens increases executive compensation and gives hugely lucrative stock awards to senior management, far in excess of improvement to shareholder value.
    5. Walgreens states that 75% of its volume comes from female clientele, but only has two out of nearly 30 senior management and board positions staffed by women.
    4. Walgreens puts a Hispanic family on the cover, and as the theme for its 2006 Annual Report, despite having zero Hispanic senior executives on its' payroll.
    3. Both RiteAid and CVS, Walgreen's primary competitors, begin or consummate major acquisition strategies while Walgreen's BOD sits on its posterior and does nothing.
    2. The EEOC cites Walgreens for gross discrimination against African-American employees of Walgreens, citing systemic and countrywide issues of fairness and compliance with employment guidelines.
    1. Walgreens management delivers NO meaningful share price improvement (after meager dividends) since 2001.

    There you go, taiguy, now you sit in your puke and eat it!

    JMHO, always.


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    • Addition time:

      #11: 20/20 nails Walgreens on national TV.

      #12: Walmart adds clinics to its Richmond, VA stores.

      #13. Walgreens selects more caucasian males for senior management positions.

      #14. Walgreens share price tanks after positive earnings report, signalling weakness in its business plan

      #15: CVS consummates Caremark acquisition.

    • Oops, it appears I woke up the slumbering dolt. Here�s another candidate for his pitiful list:

      5. Walgreens rejects the �Nike approach� of hiring child laborers. FYNT is irate, decrying the unacceptable and inhumane levels of toddler unemployment.

      FYNT is such a clueless fraud that he won�t understand the hypocrisy and foolishness of posting his drivel here while gleefully cheering on Nike. On a side note, I think filthy and reddemon have been flushed. Good riddance!

    • taiguyandcheeky taiguyandcheeky Mar 12, 2007 12:51 PM Flag

      What a worthless effort. Filthyanktard�s list, like him, is full of duplicates. I will volunteer to help fill out his pathetic list:

      4. Walgreens promotes the �Getting off Welfare� initiative. One slovenly obese mouth-breathing slack-jawed filth-ridden troll-like jackass seen picketing in Danville.

      3. Walgreens scams idiots out of their douche rebates in order to buyback their shares on the cheap. One moron takes the bait.

      2. Walgreens declares war on BO. The filthy-one and his gang of unbathed inbred imbeciles are banned from stores nationwide.

      1. Walgreens promotes a new line of pants with reinforced sewing at the ass-seam. Overweight people are outraged. Filthy is overjoyed and buys the entire lot.

      It looks like FYNT has had enough. He�s probably exhausted from frantically posting and starring all day with 12 browsers open � what a loser. Sshhhh, he's probably sleeping now at his computer desk, face-down in a puddle of his own putrid drool.

      I think we may have finally succeeded. Has the foul-one thrown in the towel? The garbage scow is pushing off. Let him take his dung-heap of wretched IDs and sail away IN SHAME!

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      • basher.detector basher.detector Mar 12, 2007 11:53 PM Flag

        Taiguy has been on a roll today! This line "Walgreens scams idiots out of their douche rebates in order to buyback their shares on the cheap. One moron takes the bait" is one of the funniest I have ever read here! Great post!
        I also like "mommayank" today and dr vurmen yesterday, with the Yank ass-kicker from Blockbuster right up there. We might have to invite him to the Wag board to finish what he started on Blockbuster. There are many competitors to "most funny" on this board lately and competition is good. We have such great material to work with also. Least funny is awarded to Filthyankneggytard with no competition in sight! Even spammers are more humorous and the sad thing is FYNT multi-stars them, because he finds their posts so good! Compared to his miserable offerings, he is right! LOL!!!