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  • amd50dollars amd50dollars Mar 16, 2007 12:56 AM Flag

    Disabled Veterans Cause Walgreens Profit Increase


    AWOL Bush and Dick "the draft dodger" Cheney are creating a generation of disabled American veterans. This is great news for Walgreens.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Sounds like you may hit the jackpot.
      As to CVS it looks as though the fat lady is singing.I wanted to run a couple things by you to get your opinion, but at this point it doesn't matter. Hey good luck to you...

    • you guessed it, Filthyankneggytard! When this sneaky little loser gets his ass kicked under one name he just changes to another and defends the ID he used before. He obviously never served in the military because he had health issues due to being morbidly obese and a retard!

      Kants_PQ=just a brain-dead loser with senility issues!

    • I do support our troops, and not in just words.

      Now shut the hell up and go away with your trolling.

      Reminder. Once again. Because you apparently have difficulty remembering well:

    • This amd50 person sounds like one of my patients, Neggy/Yank, who I spoke about last weekend. Neggy/Yank took a career aptitude test under my guidance and scored high on weasel training and cesspool cleaning as vocations. His parents and his mom especially, hoped to get him out of the basement and on the way to being self-supporting. I regret to say that Neggy/Yank has been FIRED after only one week on the job as a weasel trainer! The weasels became too devious to be safely handled by humans and also they refused to eat their food out of the bowls, that had always been used, or even come to the bowls! Not only did they demand that the food be brought to them so they could eat while lying down, but it had to be served on silver platters! Needless to say Neggy/Yank was blamed for this new lazy, entitlement attitude and was immediately dismissed! This week he is on to his second choice of expertise, cesspool cleaner, and he shows great possibilities since he doesn't find the odor offensive or unusual and he doesn't need any special protective uniform, he can just wear his normal street clothes! I will report next week on how Neggy/Yank is faring in his newest occupation. He should be a natural!

    • You pegged this idiot perfectly. You might want to consider psychiatry because you are dead on with this loser. He�s a classic victim-mentality, the world is a horrible place, underachiever who excels only at weaseling people out of spare change. He is envious of successful people and bitter at his countless failures.

      <I am sure your poor choices made you what you are, so leave us successful people alone.>

      Well said! Great post!

    • I support what the subject allegedly was, but it looks to me like this amd50 nimrod is only trying to get some of the previous poster's money (Bananarug), out of jealousy for his good luck! I have always believed that the harder you work the luckier you become! I am happy that someone could experience good fortune through work and not by having it given to him like amd50 seems to desire. Save your anti-Bush, anti-wealthy, anti-hard work sermon for those who really care. A quick survey of this link seems to show zero support for your BS and in fact, numerous beat-downs! A word of advice, the next time you get a brain transplant, choose a human donor, not a jackass like you must have done the last time. You seem to be trying to pervert a good cause like our troops, with bitter, jealous anger over being such a loser! Tough bounce for you, but I am sure your poor choices made you what you are, so leave us successful people alone. I can't decide if I want the Porsche or the Jaguar, but YOU get the 1974 Pinto! LOL!

    • Congrats on the job with "C" company. Hope it comes public with the hottest IPO this decade.

    • basher.detector basher.detector Mar 17, 2007 10:56 PM Flag

      Bananarug posted yesterday(Friday) morning, but hasn't posted since you left a message asking for his opinion on the CMX/CVS merger Friday afternoon! He sounded fine then though.

    • basher_detector do you know if bananarug is ok? Hope so. tia

    • You are one sick mofo to even think in terms such as this.

      Now go play on a construction site full of hard-working heavy equipment and stop using our troops as a prop in your foolishness. You don't get to drive the heavy equipment either, because that is for MEN to do.

      I heard that you love Cheney, but hate George. In other terms that means you love Dick and hate Bush.

      You sick wimp.

      • 3 Replies to crankyyank
      • This wimp is NOT even a veteran, but instead is some gutless little punk who hides behind a computer, to post his BS on a FINANCIAL site to get a reaction! I served in a war where over 50,000 of my comrades didn't come home so that this tiny-brained twerp can expound his liberal BS. I didn't vote for the President that sent me, but I didn't whine like this jerk either. This little guy trolls the boards to post his messages, hoping he can make somebody mad and get some attention for his miserable, pointless life! What a loser! I am not a Iraq strategy supporter, but I do support the troops and don't think their misery should be spoken of as a way for companies to make money. You have to be a total hater to post something like that and there is one guy who posts like a pipsqueak hater constantly, under a variety of IDs, who needs to go away, forever! You know who you are!

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