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  • taiguyandcheeky taiguyandcheeky Mar 24, 2007 1:10 PM Flag

    FYNT whines, Why Me?

    Another typical FYNT post, slopping around where he feels most at home � in the mud. His most recent post confirms, yet again, his character: a dumb, angry, vile, depraved, perverted loser.

    He hates Walgreens. Why? Because he committed the classic rookie investor mistake - buy high, sell low. I suppose �buy� is not the appropriate term as he was gifted (via daddy-in-law welfare) shares of an outstanding company and squandered it away by panicking and selling at one of the lowest share price points (~$39). He has disappointed himself and no doubt, daddy-in-law. His regret and self-hate now manifests as a hatred of the company and all successful long term investors. That is his character, to drag successful people down to his pathetic level.

    We have tried in vain to educate the moron, but have now resigned to the fact that we and our kids will be paying the welfare for his fat, lazy incompetent ass and that of his unfortunate spawn. And instead of being grateful, he will bitch, whine and moan. That is his character. That is his victim-mentality. His failures are always someone else�s fault. And that is precisely why he will forever be a LOSER! LOL!