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  • wagismoney wagismoney Mar 23, 2007 4:38 PM Flag

    Split pushing it up Higher, Higher, Higher

    You're aptly named! You need to go back to school and learn finance or just listen to the masters, of which YOU are not one! If you are really 18 and not just another stupid alias for the even more stupid Yank person, then you should be seen and NOT heard! I have been hearing about the split rumor all week. Where you ask? HERE, of course!

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    • Who died and left you King of Finance, you frigging morons are the only ones talking about a split. Not one bit of info from WAG itself. If this splits before earnings are at or above $2 per share it will be a historical first, look back at at previous splits and it has nothing to do with price per share. After the split, earnings per share are always near or above a $1 when the split is said and done. If you believe anyones alais then I got a great deal on some land in Florida for you. Owning WAG is a marathon not a sprint.

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      • Yank said I would be King of Finance tonight, you silly little twit! You are up after your bedtime and should not be posting on a message board with adults. There must be a kiddie finance board you could participate in and not be a other to us. Wag doesn't even give guidance to future results, you think they are going to tell a nobody like YOU about a split? Your land in Florida must be covered with sand with a swingset on it, maybe you can get a slide if you are a good girl!

      • 18 and investing...Great job!!! If you work for Wag take advantage of stock purchase program. If just looking for investments, this one is great. May also want to try Jade for stonger return....More risk though.