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  • wagismoney wagismoney Mar 30, 2007 7:43 PM Flag

    WAG leads store-pharmy sector DOWN

    I was wondered why there were so many "starred" posts today and then when I looked in the Loser Locker, Yahoo's version of the Virus Vault, where unappealing posters of little or no value are kept (ignore), I saw that the biggest Wag board loser(Yank), was posting again. I don't want to waste much time responding to his worthless posts, under a variety of IDs, but I will recap once more what I said in response to one of his other equally worthless IDs! You are nothing but a trolling for trouble basher, looking for conflict, whose credibility is nil! You own nothing, you contribute nothing, you hate Wag for personal reasons that have nothing to do with their business model and you hate life in general because you are such a loser in it! Take the long, wet walk, off of the short pier!