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Walgreen Co. Message Board

  • kirstiesphatpharm kirstiesphatpharm Apr 4, 2007 7:41 AM Flag

    The Easter Bunny

    Looks like the Easter Bunny delivered early as a change in holiday timing helped March SSS. And the pumpers reprise the lame "split" childishness.

    What a hoot.

    So, now, the Bunny won't come in April and next month's sales will suck, relatively speaking. Split = bologna.

    WAG stock is mired in the same S/P quagmire that it has languished in for the last five years... disgraceful investment value improvement.

    Most of the pumpers that promote this investment on this message board get an employee disoount of 10% on their stock purchase, so they made money. But for private investors that get no such deal, this stocks blows, bigtime!

    And it is not getting any better.

    Walgreens and improving investment value are both a myth and an oxymoron. All the former gains are in a bygone era that died half a decade ago.

    Time to move on if you want to make money and don't get the employee deal!

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    • basher.detector basher.detector Apr 10, 2007 10:42 PM Flag

      <you are automatically reduced to the ignorant ranks of basher.detector and bananarugg who are notorious for stooping to such infantile levels>

      Since Yank mentioned my ID in his paranoid post I would like to say that as usual, HE IS PARANOID!

      <I have read every message on this board, from the get go. I see the original posters like Cavvy and Lookingforthepope "ridiculed" for making statements that are objective, but are possibly less-than-positive towards Walgreens>

      Maybe next time you could read them carefully. I have NEVER made any comments against CAVVVY because she has always been an intelligent voice on this message board pre-dating even myself. Lookingfor has always been a borderline basher so he has brought ridicule down on himself, but NOT CAVVVY!

      < yank you really are a lying moron. are you pulling names out of a hat and saying we are on your side. i have never agreed with anything you said and i never will. all you are is a rebel rouser looking for attention any way you can get it. why dont you just die you moron!>

      Another unbiased testimonial to the popularity of Yank on this board and is definitely, RIGHT ON THE MONEY! Good post CAVVVY!

    • The heading of this message, that Bananarug started and Taiguy commented on, says it all! Yank is busted in a lie EVERY TIME someone responds to ANYTHING he posts! This is due to the fact that every time he posts, HE LIES! If FYNT said that the sun rises in the east, we would all know that it must rise in the west! His credibility level is stuck on ZERO, the same as his IQ! FYNT is a bitter loser who resents ANYONE with more financial smarts and money, than he has. Who does that include on this message board? EVERYONE!!!!! LOL!

    • Poor old transgendered Yank, still posting as a women named Kirstiephathead! I see he is reddaemonn today also! I wonder what happened to the reddemon ID that was so blatantly racist a few weeks ago? Anybody seen the VP threatening redbirdwell lately? LOL! Flushed like most of Yank's miserable IDs! He doesn't even have the ability to read a calendar and know when Easter was last year in relation to this year! What a moron!

      "Time to move on if you want to make money and don't get the employee deal!"

      I DID get the employee deal and YOU couldn't make money with TOMORROW'S newspaper so take your own advice an MOVE ON! You have no followers here as you are just a transgendered JOKE! You will NOT be missed! Take the long wet walk on the very short pier and DON'T resurface! Adios!

    • You're a little off on your remarks. Easter is in April just like last year, and had no affect on comparative SSS for March. Also, while WAG is clearly not the flaming buy is was in the 80's and 90's, it remains a great investment with above average returns and great safety. I bought in Oct. 2003 some on the open market and some employee purchase. Open market price was $32.90 and employee price was $29.60. Respective returns of 40% and 56% not shabby for 42 month hold. WAG is poised to make another run here soon. The company continues to increase earnings by double digits, year after year. Eventually that is reflected in equity price. I don't think there are many equities out there today which offer greater returns with a comparable level of safety. Those who invested in 1999 thru 2002 are probably disappointed in their returns, but I would urge them to be patient. That is the only time period investors can complain about, and many equities did a whole lot worse during that time.

    • <All the former gains are in a bygone era that died half a decade ago.>

      The same can be said of most S&P 500 companies since 2000. This is typical of idiot bashers � looking backwards instead of forward. Keep investing by looking in the rear view mirror moron. The smart money looks to the future, amateurs look in the past. That is why you will forever be a rookie investor and never retire early.

    • We've got your bunny and we're going to roast it for supper.

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