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  • taiguyandcheeky taiguyandcheeky Apr 21, 2007 11:17 AM Flag

    Fabulous Day and a Fabulous Week!

    Kitty/yank is a quite the imaginative moron. Filtering his latest post through my sexually-questionable retard interpreter yielded:

    <Mine will be stellar as the missus and I celebrate our gains with a special "Swine Dinner">

    FYNT and �Mr. Wife� at the backyard trough, with mommayank shoveling in refuse.

    <the dessert trio>

    a brick of fudge, a tub of pudding and a spoiled pie from Kanuts.

    <a high six-figure gainer>

    a triple reverse gainer, head-first down the toilet � baaaawooosh!


    does not compute! Retirement first requires employment � error, error

    <an on-call limo>

    The retard interpreter started smoking and malfunctioned at this point as it could not compute how a moron who frets over a $2 douche rebate could ever afford a limo ride.

    Kitty/yank�s imaginative post is actually a low-budget evening for the typical Wag long. Even �Mr. Wife� must be laughing her ass off at the absurdity of his latest BS story. Bananarug must be getting bored of exposing the loser, day after day.

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    • I think Taiguy is on to something with his idea of backyard pig troughs to feed Yank!
      "FYNT and �Mr. Wife� at the backyard trough, with mommayank shoveling in refuse."
      It would sure be easier on my sister, since she wouldn't have to fill dinner plates multiple times that are as large as manhole covers and then have to wash and dry them too! My friend, who is Yank's bus driver, went bowling with me last night and we decided to buy some scrap lumber and make the pig troughs ourselves. Yank has been at White Castle most nights anyways and he would not be around when we are constructing them to ask stupid questions. It would keep the house and especially the dining area much cleaner and we would just have to hose down the area in the backyard after Yank was done eating! I will let you know how the troughs work out.

    • I'm sitting at the Great Bay restaurant on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston having a light lunch of day boat scallops, which came pan seared and accompanied by potato gnocchi, wild mushrooms and rested on a delicious lobster sauce. Yank is at a nearby table. The difference is I am eating and HE is clearing the table, while he buses the dirty dishes to take them to the dishwasher! Didn't you know that ALL five star restaurants have computer access at their tables? Do you think my story sounds fishy? Sound familiar? Star me Yank! ROTFLMAO!!

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      • Just returned from the Big Shanty Festival in Kennesaw, GA with my beautiful wife and three young children (3,4 & 6). Had a delicious foot long corn dog and a mango smoothie. Passed on dessert-though the deep fried dough was tempting. Stopped by the nearest WAG on the way home in our 2000 Toyota Sienna van for some much needed seltzer. This was all made possible from proceeds of "green" Friday. I love this country. BTW, this board is reason enough to own WAG-you guys are freeking funny. Except for YANK, who's just a loser.