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  • ivan_paduski ivan_paduski Apr 23, 2007 3:12 PM Flag

    pontiac_lemans_1970 GONE!!!!


    It looks like we are rid of the Bush hating loser, pontiac_lemans_1970, just like Bananarugg promised! Who is next? Yank? I see that Yank's ridiculous thread about Executive Racism is deleted also, along with everyone's chastising response to his idiocy! They haven't deleted Yank.......YET! Hopefully that will be next along with the worthless hvestbanger fool!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Yankisadope,

      The degenerate�s latest posts overloaded my weasel translator and my retard interpreter. But it appears your BS detector is working well. Nice job exposing the moron!

    • "you give all his posts fifteen 5-star ratings from your turd pile of IDs"

      Hey, you're talking about Yank's family tree!

      "Pull your head out of your ass once in a while"

      He can't and besides, he is used to the view!

      Quite the laughable loser! Everyone realizes it on this board, except one! Yank!

    • Bananarugg asks: "I called you out on your restaurant, you lied, and you had no defense".

      Yanks response: "Sorry, pumper, but I ate a fine meal in a place I visit regularly. I am not a typist by trade, so I could care less about a typo".

      Meaning: This lame excuse is the best I could come up with after 4 days and the place I visit regularly is White Castle!

      Bananarugg asks: "I called you out on your alleged stock holdings, you had no defense".

      Yanks response: "Today is yet another where WAG stock did NOTHING while other investments increased in value and some, even, soared like my Amazon that I bought at $10.52 a few years back".

      Meaning: I never give up with the BS I try to pass off as the truth! I own nothing, but I sure wish I would have held on to my Wag instead of selling it at a loss because I am such a idiotic investor!

      Final punch line:"the morning waiter at the Hyatt that always brings me a berry smoothie and my wife soft-boiled eggs because he knows they are not part of the breakfast buffet and she prefers them".

      I didn't know that inflatable dolls ate eggs! What a pathetic made-up story from the board's biggest dummy!

    • That Yahoo whirlpool must be a big one! Now it is swallowing up vehicles like a 1970 Pontiac LeMans, but if it previously took Yank, it would easily be big enough for a car! He was probably driving to a celebratory dinner when it was demolished! He will be gone, forgotten and NOT missed!

    • This is a vehicle that was demolished in a road rage incident and nothing is really salvageable, except for a "W" (pronounced dubyah) bumper sticker that some prankster, probably Bananarugg, put on the rear bumper! The driver had irritated so many of his fellow drivers, that he was run off of a cliff by at least 20 other vehicles that were pursuing him to vent their displeasure! The driver was so obese that he was not able to get out from behind the wheel, even after his vehicle had plunged to the bottom of the abyss! The officer who investigated the crash, named officer Yahoo, used up an entire book of traffic tickets documenting all of the violations of the Pontiac Lemans driver. The offending driver was heard to mutter that he will just change his name and keep driving, but officer Yahoo said he would be watching for him!

    • wrecked_pontiac_lemans wrecked_pontiac_lemans Apr 23, 2007 3:29 PM Flag

      Thankfully this is all that is left of that ol' POS Pontiac.