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  • yank_myhogoff yank_myhogoff Apr 28, 2007 10:25 AM Flag

    The Rancid Smell of Dead Money


    WAG is the industry leader... in prolonged share price stagnation.

    And it's only likely to get worse.

    It's in the middle of its second $Billion share buyback and the share price languishes like a 90-year-old patron of The Oak Room, slurping their pureed dinner through a straw while the harpist plays lively selections from Die Fleidermas.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Cavvvy,
      Calling a putz like Yank, Jewish, seems almost anti-Semitic! It just doesn't seem right to honor Yank that way! How about just referring to him as "stupidish"? JMHO!

    • HEY BUDDY,
      You must be Jewish. i say that because Jewish people are the best commedians and you have me wetting my pants because you are so funny. let me know where you will be on stage next. i will fly anywhere to see you live on stage.

    • Yank is trying to sell this lame pile of UNFUNNY crap(Paramedics called to Copley Square) as HUMOR? Good God, this is 30 seconds of my life that I will never get back again! What a poor excuse for a "humorist" AND a human being! The plot boils down to Yank is jealous because he is such a loser and Bananarug is a success! (Strike 1) Bananarug's wife is real and Yank's is inflatable(Strike 2)and Yank could never get into a five star restaurant because he looks like a fat, slob hobo and also, a slight detail, you have to have money! (Strike 3) Take a big seat on the loser bench, Yank!

      Yanks weak reply to Bananarug:
      <How embarrassing for you.
      Is that the best you can do?
      Pathetic! And boring, too.>

      You know he got those lines from all of his previous female acquaintances AND his teachers from school. They still must ring in his ears! What a totally hopeless case! Next!

    • Yank is the message board leader... in prolonged message posting stagnation.

      "And it's only likely to get worse"

      It couldn't, you are already at rock bottom!

      Change your tune or change your channel!