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  • taiguyandcheeky taiguyandcheeky Jul 18, 2007 9:44 PM Flag

    Investing 101 for FYNT

    Today Pfizer tanked because sales of Lipitor disappointed, primarily due to competition from generic statins. Intelligent investors understand that this trend is good for Walgreens because generics, despite lowering sales, yield higher profits for the drug retailer.

    The moron filthyneggyankTURD earlier suggested Walgreens sell LESS generics. He adamantly preached that increasing the percentage of generics dispensed will be the downfall of Walgreens. At first I thought he must have been confused, perhaps an inadvertent typo, maybe doubled-upped on the psychiatric meds. Surely no investor in the drug retailing sector could make such a blatantly idiotic statement. But then I recalled that FYNT is the one, the only, the original douche rebate moron. Foolish moronic statements come quite natural and quite often from the dimwitted, scuba diving, RVing �economist.� LOL!

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    • Heyya brilliant star-maker poopie pants hogwanker,

      Enlighten us all as to why you haven't sold your shares yet. Are you trying to bash just so you can buy in at a low rate?
      That's manipulation.
      If you don't like this stock, sell it. I have told you numerous times. Why do you hold it? It was a gift to you correct? So why bitch? If you are so paranoid that you see (imaginary) problems coming out of the woodwork at you on a daily basis, sell your friggin' shares. Plain and simple. Is that so friggin' hard for you to do?
      No. You don't have any. You just want to bash, all for a rebate that never existed. Give me a break.

    • Sir Egbert,
      I�m getting a strange vibe that you are not fond of me? I do admit that my recent posts have been especially moronic. Normally I�m not that dim or obtuse, though it does appear I made a special effort as of late. Generics are bad for business? What can I say? The lobotomy did not go well. I kept asking the doctor why the procedure requires me on all fours and barking with Bruno, the male nurse, gloved-up and behind me. I remember thinking, �something stinks and this time, it wasn�t me.� Or was it?

    • How many times do I have to tell you to SELL?

      Now you're stuck till Monday. SELL ON MONDAY YOU DUMBASS. That's how you vote for or against a company. Buy if you like it. Sell if you don't.

      Too simple for you?

      Oh yeah, you gotta have stock before you can sell it.

    • egbert.pickledickle egbert.pickledickle Jul 21, 2007 12:00 AM Flag

      I see the filthy little pervert Yank, that pusillanimous perpetrator of pig swill posts is still hard at it, with his other sorry, stupid, senile ID, Kanuk_PQ assisting him! His vapid, boring and outright lies have once again crossed the threshold of common decency and cry out for retribution! The utter paucity of accurate facts and total lack good taste, make them both candidates, for any foul award that can be bestowed upon them! That steaming pile of monkey dung, that bucket of pig puke, that sloppy stack of human refuse, is posting about something he knows nothing about, running drugstores! He needs to return to the cesspool, or the bottom of the barrel, or to the rock he crawled out from under, or hop back into the dustbin from whence he came, and stop fouling this message board! He is a disgusting influence here and the fetid odor emanating from his messages is almost overpowering to other posters I am sure! I know that Yahoo periodically "flushes" repugnant degenerates from the board and I think it is time once again for them to pull the handle. I will be standing by, ready with the Royal Plunger in case this foul fool, this despicable defecation, this pontificating pooptard bobs to the surface and attempts to rejoin this message board again. This dustbin dummy has had more reincarnations than my imported countrywoman, Madonna! Away with this scalawag, once and for all!! His cesspool reunion is awaiting! Yahoo, I beseech you, delouse this board and flush Yank away AGAIN, for the FINAL time, and then we can concentrate on increasing our net worth, instead being annoyed by a penniless, vile nit wit! Away with this stinky, fetid, sorry scalawag! Begone!!!

    • CEO's of CVS and RAD mention that increased generics is a drag on top line revenues. WAG management has mentioned the same. It is just an explanation for the common stockholder so that he can understand the small miss on revenue expectations while beating earnings expectations. Yank has a skewed interpretation of the retail drug industry. While I don't pretend to know every company's net costs for generic drugs, I think it is safe to say that as the largest user of generics (by far) WAG enjoys a buying advantage over all it's competition, WMT included.

      Walgreen has not price gouged anyone. They have led the way in increaing generic utilization which has been the only thing saving state medicaid programs. Medicaid has always controlled costs through published "MAC" prices, which determines the maximum they will pay for generic drugs. Controlling the costs is not a new thing! What is new is that they want to use pricing afforded exclusively to mail order houses for the purpose of determining retail reimbursement. This will hurt WAG, CVS, RAD, WMT, TGT etc. a little bit. It will significantly injure independent pharmacies possibly driving a significant portion of them out of business. WAG will be hurt less than anyone, as they will still enjoy the lowest costs and highest margins in the industry, while continuing to expand market share.

    • OMG

      "There is a reason why both CEO's of CVS and RAD acknowledged the generic pricing drag in discussing last month's results in published reports available on either company's website."

      According to you that must be illegal, just like WhOle fOOds DebAcle.

      I guess they will be sharing the same cell as Jeff Rein?

      My god man, get a clue.

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