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  • trc1199 trc1199 Jul 19, 2007 6:16 PM Flag

    company match

    With the recent talk of compensation, let me ask any Walgreens pharmacist what the current match is. I heard $3.20 or so per dollar put in. Is it a match on 2 or 5% of salary? Thanks

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    • I don�t want to disclose the exact numbers and the formula is a little confusing. Just know that it�s a very generous match, to reward and retain employees. Basically, you�re getting at least a 300% return on your contribution � a no brainer. More simply put, if you�re an RPh, you�ll get about $8000 for contributing about $2500. Hope this helps.

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      • Nothing confusing about it. The maatching level is 2% of salary, pharmacist or not, up to the Social Security wage base ( I think this year it was $94,000 or so. If you're considered a highly compensated employee, as pharmacists are, any amount above the wage base earns a different match. This year as in past years, the 2% level was indeed around $3.20/dollar. Above that it was like $2.13 or something. And that's good, but lets not forget that you'd better put some other money away.