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  • wag_bag_holder wag_bag_holder Aug 14, 2007 6:25 PM Flag

    This board got mighty quiet...must be margin calls

    or the loo-loos that were busily posting their little WAG BAG hearts out this weekend are tired.


    My WAG Sept07 $45 puts are makin' bacon


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    • Gee, another ID for Yank that I can place on ignore, along with all of the new "turd"ones!

      " His pocket change is more than 80% of American families make in one year."

      So what? I make more than 80% of American families and most of the Wag longs on this message board do too! America is a GREAT country and if you work hard you can succeed and make plenty of money, but if you don't work hard you will end up like Yank! Those options that Mr Wasson cashed in would not be worth anything today, if the stock price HAD NOT GONE UP! His hard work had much to do with the results that Wag turned in to make the stock price increase! I say God bless, I wish he would have made more money, because then the stock that I have owned for ten years would be worth EVEN MORE!
      Remember work hard and you will prosper, sit on your dead ass, bitch about and envy those who have reaped more rewards than you and you get Yank_myhogoff!
      A side note for Yank, I do give money to many charities, so when you are eating at that soup kitchen tonight, after the public library closes, be thankful for those of us who HAVE succeeded and have not forgotten the poor like YOU, even if YOU are undeserving! ROTFLMAO!

    • His pocket change is more than 80% of American families make in one year.

    • I�d have to agree with Basher. The only former independent, woman hating RPh with an axe to grind is Eliminate. FYNT definitely has no formal higher education, especially in healthcare, as is evident from his lack of basic pharmacy knowledge. Also, I think someone with a degree, other than a GED, has the at least the bare minimum intelligence to successfully fill out a simple rebate form.

      I see FYNT as someone who has never really done an honest days work, yet boast endlessly how successful he is. He�s a classic wannabe self-made person. It�s pretty common of grown-up kids who still leach off their parents. His MO is to bitch, whine and moan his way through life, playing the victim and blaming others for his laziness and shortcomings. Also, he has confessed to being a multi-ID self-starring moron. So far, I�ve seen no redeeming qualities.

    • <Here is what I think. I think you started out as a pharmacist way back, when indies were popular. You got forced out of your indie job and could not deal with working in a large retail pharmacy.>

      Usually I think you are right on the money, but this time I think you missed the mark and here is why. The idea that FYNT has even a high school diploma strains ones credulity and FYNT graduating from pharmacy school and then getting registered is too much to even imagine. His lack of knowledge on the value of generics to Wag's bottom line is just one of many pharmacy faux pas he has committed on this message board. I see him more as a pizza delivery boy than a pharmacist, someone who is a common lackey with no formal education! He is just an uneducated, ignorant lout with no investments to speak of, maybe a few hundred dollars tops and even less financial acumen! He IS a hypocrite's hypocrite, complaining about a 10% employee discount on Wag stock and then claiming his father-in-law GAVE him his stock! Selling his "gift" stock for $37, seeing it quickly appreciate to over $50, saying he invested in Home Depot(which tanked), WalMart(which tanked) and Yahoo! His story changes by the day depending on how the stock of the company he allegedly invested his Wag money in, is doing, meaning he is just a pathological liar and a very poor one at that. He would be described in Texas as someone with a big hat, but NO cattle! He is a miserable human being and hates everything, just look at him post on the CVS board or any board. He is always negative about the company's stock on whose message board he is posting! He is obviously a "long" member of the "Goof Troop", "Clown Club" or "Doofus Anonymous", take your pick, but is NOT an investor and NOT a poster to take seriously! I think you are just using him in the "Fun with Dimwits" game, which you used to do on the CVS board. LOL!

    • bunk

      "in my opinion my views portray the truth"

    • and you think you are funny and witty. You see it IS ALL IN YOUR HEAD.

    • Hey yank you could have a knock off of my name. You could be ghetto-brain. It fits. Go for it.

    • With a name like yours you have the gall to call someone else's posts objectionable? You are one of the foulest posters here with your potty mouth and anal fixations.

      Talk about being a pompous ass! Your thinking that your remarks have ANY affect on WAG S/P. WOW BABY! get a clue.

      -Not Yank
      Thank God

    • Actually I bought a little but am waiting for the 44's to buy big.

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