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  • wag_bag_holder wag_bag_holder Aug 14, 2007 10:26 PM Flag

    This board got mighty quiet...must be margin calls

    Why must you kill the messenger with the obvious solution to all your WAG BAG PROBLEMS. Calling me name does not change your pathetic brokerage account statement every month. Who the hell holds a dog like this all this time??


    Gotta look at the glass half-full sometimes though. At least WAG is not down heavily in this bearish market. Then again, it wasn't up in a raging bull market either.

    Goes to show you...The Beatles were right. You are a nowhere manfag, sitting in his nowhere WAG BAG LAND, making all his nowhere WAG BAG PLANS for himself all his gay little WAG BAG FAGS.

    Come up with all your cute little changes to IDs and your inane banter.You still are a pathetic stock picker and a sword swallowing WAG BAG HOLDER.

    Hey don't forget, the weekend is only 4 days away and you can spend all the weekend posting your funny stuff showing us all how smart and clever you are.



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    • Based on the immature content of his post, full of infantile references and potty humor, I�m guessing the wag_bug is about 12 years old. It�s a shame any idiot with access to daddy�s computer can post childish bluster on a message boards for grown-ups. His profile states that he is 40. From what we�ve read, that�s very hard to believe. Wag_bug, try posting like an adult for once in your life. No one is impressed by your little school-yard bluster. It sounds pathetic, suggesting you�re just a big-mouth with little financial worth.

    • Quite honestly,
      I have no intent on defending WAG or any of it's "Bag Holders". I just enjoy responding to neanderthal-like doo-doo that you idiots (or one simpleton idiot) posts everyday. Half the dribble you post makes NO sense, which intices me to beat on you with equal, low-life garbage insults that are spattered like diarrhea all over this company's board. Make money off this stock however you wish, but the bottom line is your feces has no impact on anyone here! (with exception to me, who enjoys elaborating your low IQ level to the rest of the board)

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