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  • gothotstocks gothotstocks Aug 24, 2007 10:06 PM Flag


    I had a most interesting conversation today while at a SUBWAY which so happens to be near a walgreen's store. It appears that this individual make the mistake of going into the walgreen's while having money in his pocket from his paycheck and being BLACK. I will try to explain slowly so the corporate shills on board with 20 ID's will understand.
    'Mike' just happened to have a wad of money in his pocket from his job at SUBWAY. He went into the nearby walgreen's to buy something and when he pulled out the bills the managers nearly fell over each other to call the police and have him arrested. He certainly must have stolen all that cash they thought? What would a BLACK man be doing with so much money in his pocket? Poor walgreen's must have gotten robbed. 'Mike' had to travel to the local police station to clear his name and simply say he was an employee next door! What a joke! I had to shake my head when I heard this. Makes one wonder if racial profiling isn't common place at walgreen's?........

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    • More fictitousness. Yes, what a joke ... from you.

      What did you do with all that money that your ma gave you for creative writing class? It's obvious you aren't taking that much-needed class to improve your writing. But then again, if you get facts and fiction mixed up so bad, it's just fiction in the end. The only part of the story that is probably true is that the guy works at a Subway store. They don't make that much money anyway. But since you don't have a job, a $5 bill is a WAD of cash to you.

    • hotstock- This is calumny, the great lie technique of the obsessed; all the twisted up dictators used it. Among we ordinary folk its usually used by garden variety neurotics, low self-esteem types. It is a form of projection, ie, your own anti-social and aggressive impulses attributed to the other. It is often thinly disquised as humor or as a feigned victimhood. Actually your aggressive intent is obvious in this venue. Now hotstock, what is really bothering you? Mulligan

    • List of WAG shills. No doubt the same demented person with multiple aliases whom obtains free 'controlled substances' from their employer!

      I am sure we will be adding to this list....