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  • educated.basher educated.basher Dec 19, 2007 3:29 PM Flag

    Anyone planning on attending the shareholder meeting?

    "I live way too far away to attend myself but I'll gladly send my ticket to anyone who wants to attend."

    Why would YOU still be a stockholder? You have been crying like a colicky little baby, since the stock price was at least $48, about how bad this company supposedly is and YET you still CLAIM to be a stockholder! What a nimrod! Sell and go away to that God forsaken place called Alaska where men are men and the women are too! All roads lead to a dead end with a sign that says "road ends"! What a miserable place to live, maybe that's why you are so dysfunctional! I work for Walgreens and I fully support upper management, middle management, store management and pharmacy management. If I didn't, I would quit and go someplace else to work, but I am already at the number one drugstore in the world so why would I want to go to the minors? I suggest you do the same! QUIT, as in quit whining!

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    • All I can say is don't believe everything they tell you. My opinion of WAG management is obviously far different than yours but you need to realize our opinions are just that, our opinions.

      Unlike many people on this board my life does not revolve around making money on stocks. For me it has become merely a hobby. That said, I have many investments including stocks that have gained quite a bit over the years. I continue to hold my small stake in WAG (about 400 shares) mostly because I accumulated it on the ESPP while I was employed with WAG plus I feel one cannot bitch about a stock that does not hold that stock. I also enjoy getting a rise out of people like yourself.

      Truth is, I like WAG, and I hope it turns it around soon if only for the poor bastards that work there...