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  • slimshadyrph slimshadyrph Dec 20, 2007 12:59 PM Flag

    wag slaverph's working xmas?

    Well its sure good to know wag thinks enough of their slaverph's to make them work christmas. I like the slow but sure commercialization of christmas. Can't wait unti the retailers have completely destroyed it to the point no one buys anything as its just another day.

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    • <I asked whats in it for you besides more stress and more work. They couldn't give me a good answer.>

      I believe you have your answer today. Bitter losers like you will never really understand concepts such as commitment, loyalty, and hard work especially when your organization is down. It's easier to complain or quit rather than suck it up and do your part to help out. I'm glad the vast majority of people at Walgreens have my mindset, not yours.

      You like Buffet so I'll remind you of his philosophy: Buy a GREAT company that is on sale. Buy when everyone is selling, when everyone is afraid. Then hold for a long long time.

      Congratulations to all longs! We certainly needed some good news.

    • My son works for our local Walgeen's - the manager there put up a sign-up list first so volunteers could work Christmas if they wanted. He tried to sign up to work, but the list was filled by the time he got to it!

      They broke the shifts on Christmas into 4 hour shifts, so there was plenty of time to do things with family if they wanted to. I thought that was pretty fair - my son was disappointed he couldn't work Christmas ( time and a half - he is saving for college right now).

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      • Anyone saying calling an employee a slave for working xmas is an idiot when that employee usually is volunteering for the shift. Time and a 1/2 plus 8 hours pay would get me to work Christmas too.

        In high school and college I worked for a grocery store that was open all holidays. I always volunteered for the Christmas etc. for the extra cash.

        Besides your local 24hr. Walgreens and hospital, many manufacturing plants need employees to work Christmas. Particularly the steel mills. My FIL would get double time and a 1/2 plus 8 hours pay on holidays like Christmas when he worked at the mill. Hardly a slave.

    • <And what did busting your asses get you? A handshake pat on the back attaboy?>

      Spoken like a true lazy incompetent slacker. Lucky for other employees, bitter losers like you don�t last long before quitting or getting fired. They end up job hopping and working until they die, bitching and moaning every day along the way. Unless of course they can peddle some magic compound and make a fortune. Newsflash: brylcreem has already been invented. LOL!

      By the way, how�s DYN doing? LOL! LOL! LOL!;range=6m;indicator=volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;logscale=on;source=undefined

    • hopefully the slave emergency room workers and doctors won't be there either when you f up your fried turkey