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  • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Jan 16, 2008 11:38 PM Flag

    ANSWERS on Big Box $4 Generic Program


    When the PBM says "You can't go to Walgreens" or Walgreens says "We don't take your prescriptions anymore" all that extra brick-and-mortar for new stores becaome s financial anchor wrapped around the next of Jeffrey Rein and his long-holding lemmings, at the precipice.

    If you think there will be no recession, hang loose and see what happens. If you think there might be a recession, dump your WAG and put your money in T-Bills. If you think there will be a recession, short WAG and enjoy the ride down to below $27.

    And, if you think we are already in a recession and have already shorted or redeployed to alt-energy and neutral turf like ag support... congrats, and have a nice night out on the town like I did!