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  • taiguyandcheeky taiguyandcheeky Jan 17, 2008 10:49 PM Flag

    Observations About Yank and Monkeys

    Anyone who frequents this board is aware of the moron Yank who has preached doom and gloom for several years. Wag has in fact been flat for some time with a recent drop into the 30s. But the reasons are far from what the board moron predicted, which included::

    1. Walgreens hates women
    2. Walgreens is racist
    3. Wal-Marts high tech pill counter
    4. Medicare Part-D
    5. Medicaid reimbursement
    6. Junkie pharmacists
    7. Dispensing too many generics
    8. The rise of
    9. Blowback from the sinister douche rebate scam, which, incidentally, started his smear campaign against Walgreens
    10.Many other absurd and laughable notions

    The real reason for Wag's drop, IMO

    1. Perceived damage from $4 generics
    2. Perceived damage from CVS/Caremark
    3. One horrible, out of character quarter
    4. An economic slow down/recession which appears to be hitting retail particularly hard. Maybe the consumer is finally tapped out.

    The facts are that Walgreens, besides one bad quarter, is still executing well, beating the competition and gobbling up market share, which as a long term holder, is exactly what I want to see.

    But back to Yank, basically Wag's drop is just dumb luck for him. How I see it is, say 3 years ago if a monkey picked a stock by throwing a dart, and that dart happened to land on google, we wouldn't be saying, "That monkey is a genius," but rather, we'd be saying, "That stupid monkey got lucky." After all, it's still just a monkey that, after its lucky pick, will go back to scratching its ass and picking fleas off its buddy. Just my observations.

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