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  • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Jan 23, 2008 11:25 AM Flag

    Off-Topic, for Bananarug

    You've been listening to the "pumpers" if you assume my position on universal healthcare is all that radical. I believe that all Americans shold have some form of medical and pharmacy care available to them. I actually favor a tax-credit approach that equalizes the prices paid by working Americans that lack coverage with working Americans that have coverage. There are enough entitlements to cover most others that don't fall into these two categories.

    I changed jobs, about a year ago and opted for roughly equivalent insurance as what I had with my former employer. My cost, per month via payroll deduction, went from over $440/mo to about $200/mo, and my dental coverage thru Delta Dental is actually for the identical terms at a reduced cost. Why did I pay so much more, previously, for equivalent coverage? Because my employers was a lousy negotiator... or had fewer employess to leverage? What does this have to do with how much healthcare costs?

    These disparities are ENDEMIC in the maze that healthcare and pharmacare have become! I believe a bidding process for universal coverage would create some surprisingly affordable alternatives by which all Americans might enjoy decent and affordable coverage. And without breaking the bank, just breaking down some of the old insanities that, at present, have Americans paying all over the map for the same service, offset by variable or no coverage anomalies.