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  • basher.detector basher.detector Jan 23, 2008 2:29 PM Flag

    Off-Topic, for Bananarug

    "sometimes we have to step back and be reminded of the walls of worry of the past."

    This is RIGHT ON! Someone mentioned Sid Dworkin and Revco, who used to be the big player years ago and kept buying up competition (ala CVS) until finally he foolishly got into manufacturing and overextended and went bankrupt. They(Revco) seemed formidable at the time (Fred Canning was VERY happy when Walgreens eclipsed them in sales and profit), but Walgreens stuck to what they did best and kept their business to strictly serving the customer CONVENIENTLY, with neat and clean stores and growing their own PBM and they climbed the wall of worry AGAIN! I hope Walgreens still has the killer instinct that they had when Fred Canning was the President and he would say "if you see a competitor drowning stick a hose down his throat and turn it on"! I know Jeff Rein and Greg Wasson and they do not seem as tough as Fred or even LDJ, but they are VERY smart and I trust their business acumen! The future holds the answer whether another "wall of worry" will be climbed or not or if the "doom and gloom" boys will win (VERY doubtful), but I am NOT selling ANY shares of Wag and I am banking on Wag's future success!