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  • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Jan 28, 2008 12:55 PM Flag

    citigroup downgrading wag

    Deborah Weinswig has a 4-star overall rating, and 5-star rating in multiline retail.

    There are three major downgrades for WAG, since Fall. Expect more.


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    • the rating is on eps, not future stock price. You can hardly track her record because she does not stay anywhere evry long

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      • well I guess they got all their shorts covered, citi that is.
        Also bullish on Walgreens is Deborah Weinswig, supermarket and drug store analyst for Bear Sterns. Noting that "sales were higher than expected" in the first half, with lower operating costs for the 22nd consecutive quarter at 20.65 percent of sales, Weinswig urged investors to "buy on weakness," and predicted the company "will easily meet or beat Q3 numbers" due to "the shift in Easter sales." She continues to rate Walgreens' stock "attractive."

        She has been wrong all along going long at the absolute top and even being long in Nov. and after 7 years of zippo and a 40% decline NOW she comes out with that, I guess thats why bsterns blew her out and citi will too if that old brokerage is still open. What do they do anyhow? Certainly not trades or money management. What a frikin joke and a total embarassment to a anal-ist to have your downgrade go up that day as well as avg vol.