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  • cmxsux cmxsux Feb 26, 2008 8:55 AM Flag

    Yanks Tuesday Morning Reality Check


    Yank here is your Tuesday morning reality check. As several readers tried to point out, the article on med errors named CVS & WAG b/c they are the most recognizable names in pharmacy. If they had named for example Tulia Pharmacy the readers would have wondered just who the hell that is…..Its all about advertising sales, dolt….that’s why they used CVS & WAG. Let’s explore your statements a little more:

    “Gee, does WAG not do performance evaluations on its pharmacists? Are there no District or Regional Supervisors overseeing the dispensing of its pharmacists?”

    I understand that with the ditch digging job you just got a supervisor has to be present at all times to make sure you don’t just stand around leaning on your shovel, but no the DM’s are not overseeing the dispensing of the pharmacist at WAG or any other pharmacy chain. As I stated before I have seen poor rph’s dismissed by WAG in the past & I’m sure such takes place at all pharmacies. Pharmacist are professionals and don’t require somebody looking over their shoulder 24/7. As to errors, they are made by ALL pharmacies, as well as MD’s, Nurses etc b/c we are all human. Here’s a good one for you about ABS:

    Back in 1995 there was a woman who had tried to conceive for over 10 years…3 failed in vitro procedures but the 4th worked. She was 4 months pregnant when an ABS rph misfiled a rx with methergine….Caused a spontaneous abortion. Not to trivialize rx errors but they occur at all pharmacies .

    “82000 pills didn't disappear overnight;”

    A little more explanation is needed. If the rph was a floater he/she may have been working at 25 or more stores , in several different towns which makes detection much harder. For the record, WAG has one of the most thorough loss prevention dept’s I’ve seen in the 28 years I’ve been a rph….Hate to shoot down your beloved WMT but:

    Walmart #10-789, Mesquite Texas…Disciplinary action….Shortages of controlled substances…..

    But to be fair, unlike you, the following pharmacies in Texas were cited for controlled substances shortages over the last year:

    HEB #451, HEB #106, HEB #554, Super Drug #4, HEB #184, Kroger #743, HEB #189, Express Pharmacy, Carnival Pharmacy #114, HEB #479, HEB# 178, Tulia Pharmacy, HEB #189 (again), Express Pharmacy (again), Minyard Pharmacy #14, HEB #161, HEB #205.

    Yes the problem is pervasive. Not just in pharmacy but in all healthcare. When I was in hospital pharmacy, regardless of which hospital I worked at, on a typical year a handful of nurses and at least a couple of MD’s were caught stealing controlled substances. When I left ABS they were under 2 court ordered integrity programs for being caught with controlled substance shortages……

    ." Well, dude, USA Today bashed the living HELL out of Walgreens, and CVS to boot and did so with a panoply of facts and figures that only a total ass would so casually dismiss in the fashion you have. “

    As stated above CVS & WAG are the most recognizable hence they were exemplified. Nobody is saying the problem does not exist. What we are stating is that it exist everywhere and not just WAG & CVS. If you did not have such concrete thinking ( a symptom of psychosis) you would have been able to have figured that out…..

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    • Another round of golf in really windy conditions for me and another morning for the Board Moron to post rubbish and get shot down HARD! The Board Moron posts against pharmacists in general and Walgreens specifically and of course it is filled with untruths, misinformation, outright lies which is the usual assortment from someone who is posting from IDIOT ISLAND! He proudly multi-stars this rubbish and then is aggravated when everything he posts is immediately refuted by someone else, in this case Cmxsux. He first responds by single starring about 50 times the good post that has made his post look ridiculous and then responds with a post threatening to put the good responder on IGNORE! LOL! BM usually is in the ostrich mode when confronted, although it has been speculated by many that when his head is stuck in the sand it is probably better than the usual place it is stuck! BM has threatened at one time or another to put every poster who responds to him on IGNORE, but with so many IDs like BM has he just responds using another from his huge bagful, witness ivan_starme the sub-human lapdog that defends BM and all of his other ridiculous mutant messengers. Isn't it strange that someone who has one hundred IDs has ZERO good ideas and thoughts? Sad case for a bitter, moronic loser who sits on this butt all day and tries to pick fights on the Internet, but has no job, career, family or future! It's his life that he has created and he deserves it!

    • Your inane message only proves all the more my point of your pandering to the resident pumpers of the Walgreens message board.

      First, you are creating imaginary fables like my so-called "ditch digging job"... a classic Ivan/basher.d/taiguy ploy... to divert attention from the very real issues I raise as put forth by USA Today. How childish.

      Second, your moronic observation that "Nobody is saying the problem does not exist. What we are stating is that it exists everywhere and not just WAG & CVS" only validates all the more my point that misfills are a HUGE problem. And, as the so-called industry leaders, WAG and CVS should act RESPONSIBLY and DO SOMETHING to fix a problem that is alleged to kill more than twice as many people a year as perished in the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

      I clearly earlier stated that a two RPH checkoff should become the norm for the entire industry. And, yes, this would also include Walmart and the indies and hospital dispensaries.

      Thanks for putting even more substance behind my original point on misfills and the severity of the problem.