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  • educated.basher educated.basher Mar 4, 2008 2:30 PM Flag

    Dueling PBM's!

    "WAG Pharmacists might have to downgrade to a Buick or Toyota, instead of a Lexus or Corvette!"

    Why would YOU care what kind of a car I drive and what business is it of yours how I spend my money? You are a classless, nimrodic rodent who spends WAY too much time LYING on the message boards and NOT enough time seeking employment! I happen to support the stock of the company I work for and as everyone can see, our sales were great as usual and we keep marching ahead, growing our business on every busy corner in America! I choose to invest IN and work hard FOR the company I am employed by and I am very happy to do both! You should find someplace else to post your garbage on, like maybe the WalMart message board, because nobody here cares to hear your lying negativity! MORONIC LOSER! Also as a FYI, I have had ZERO transfers to WalMart since their $4 scrip debuted. I guess our customers like convenience and good service!