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  • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Mar 14, 2008 9:26 AM Flag

    Wal*Mart Pharmacy Blockbuster!

    Wal*Mart is set to announce today that its industry-leading $4 generic prescription program has surpassed one billion dollars in consumer savings since its inception.

    Further details confirm what the WAG pumpers on this board have vehemently denied for over a year... that Walmarts' Pharmacy has lots of other precription business besides $4 generics and that the majority of $4 scripts filled use insurance to cover the payment.

    And, of course at the Wal*Mart pharmacy, customers enjoy many leading edge technology benefits such as RX Network where they can get their prescriptions filled at any Walmart operated pharmacy counter, anywhere in the world.

    Save money. Live better.



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    • Dude, why are you so OBSESSED with stars (recommendations? hahahah)?

      Why does it matter so much to you? Did it all start in pre-K?

    • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Mar 28, 2008 12:01 AM Flag

      All these worthless pixels. Just to conceal a message thats brings TRUTH to the shameful WAG Message Board!

      Sorry, Waggies, but the "announced" Walgreens foray into the apparel business is a marketing and strategic embarassment!

      Is this the "Business of Tomorrow" as embraced by Walgreens' senior management? If so, there can only be a carwash yet to be announced...



    • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Mar 27, 2008 11:06 PM Flag

      And many... or most... occur at Walgreens, as reported by USA Today. Ouch!!!!!!

      Does anyone think this is a good sign of the future at Walgreens? Does anyone think this is a good sign for Walgreens stock?

      Why do so many Walgreens Pharmacy customers have to die when they go there for something as simple as getting medicine, prescribed by their doctor? And why is no more than one pharmacist "checking off" on the fill of medicine after so many abject failures of the single-checkoff system? Is it because two Pharmacists in a 24/7 Pharmacy store would cost too much and invalidate the economics of the "convenient" Marketing Strategy?

      Buy your apparel at Walgreens. It's a lot safer than buying your medicine there!




    • "I mean, as much as I think he is a dick head and one of the BIGGEST LIARS I have ever met anywhere in my life, but his posts lately REALLY SUCK!"

      You forgot to mention him being a totally gutless coward who posts using his little lapdog Ivan's ID, because he claims to have us on ignore! LOL! What a putz!

      Here is what someone from the WalMart board said to Yank, who also uses numerous IDs there also, "Stop recommending your own posts. You look like even more of an idiot than you truly are."

      Some things NEVER change! LOL! What a dunce!

    • "I mean, as much as I think he is a dick head (I agree) and one of the BIGGEST LIARS (again I agree) I have ever met anywhere in my life, but his posts lately REALLY SUCK(total agreement)!"

      That is like saying that before it was ABSOLUTE ZERO and now it feels colder! I guess that when you are posting at the bottom of the barrel (like Yank), you could conceivably break through the bottom of the barrel and end up in the muck below the bottom of the barrel and thus sink even lower! He has alway been a legend in his own mind, but totally inconsequential numb-nutz to the rest of the board, so his recent forays into comedy, future stock predictions and revisionist history has sort of been business as usual, except EVEN WORSE! LOL!

    • I've been restraining myself from posting that IMHO he sucks a Big Binky. So far I have been successful not doing that. So I won't post it. As bad as his posts have been in the past, he has sunk to new lows with his even more childish posts.

      So yeah, BR, I agree.

    • Keep on writing fiction bubble boy.

      Wonderbrand is the maker of the Casual Gear clothing that Walgreens will carry. Walgreens has carried small amounts of seasonal clothing like tee shirts and such in the past. Nothing over $14.99 will be sold if I am correct. Very casual or lounge/bedwear most likely. They've sold slippers, so why not this?

      Now go cheer over on the WalMart board if they will have you.

    • Hey, dudes, its true and so bizarre that even I couldn't have made it up. Walgreens new strategy for the future: "Let's sell clothing in a drugstore."

      Yes, in a mind-boggling Press Release, Walgreens has confirmed its intention to market sportswear in its stores. Now, when you conveniently visit your neighborhood Walgreens drugstore, you can not only buy jock itch powder, but the actual jock, as well.

      Soon to be announced are prom dresses and business suits for deb's and exec's too time stressed to travail the long lines at a competing Wal*Mart checkout. And, while shoppers get their khaki's and cocoa butter creme at WAG, they can also get their (expensive) prescription filled. Remember, at Walgreens the Prescription Counter does not even close for lunch so wait time is thoughtfully reduced; the fact that the Pharmacist gets no break for using the bathroom, having a meal or respite from the job is only circumstantially RUMORED to lead to misfills and customer deaths.

      Yuk, yuk!



    • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Mar 27, 2008 12:28 AM Flag

      $4 generics are here to stay and, in pharmacy, low cost is here to play!

      All the WAG pumpers that ridiculed WMT's initiative would love for you to forget what they said about discounted retail pricing on generics. "It's a loss leader." "The idiot at Walmart that came up with the idea will be fired." "Why, let me OVERWHELM you with (bogus) statistics that "prove" Walmart will soon abandon this insane strategy."

      Nice play, there, banana/basher/ivan/cranky/taipoop... except for one very real result. $4 generics have not gone away! They saved customers over $1BILLION in prescription costs in less than a year and a half. And they continue to expand.

      Now you half-wits want to sink to new reveries regarding clinics, "wellness" initiatives and home infusion (a/k/a enemas)?

      GET REAL, there, 10%/off employee Wagbaggies!

      Walmart is delivering huge cost savings to the American consumer. Walgreens is delivering a huge infusion of high-cost, misdispensed scriptburgers that support grandiose bonuses and options for WAG executives at the expense of Walgreens customers that perish so WAG can fill scripts, 24/7, with a single RPH checkoffs, to make dispensing "cost effective."

      Who is the long term victor? It certainly has not been the Walgreens shareholder that paid full price for their shares, now has it?

      Yeah, I knew you could figure it out.




    • How stupid do you want to make yourself look before you just go away in disgrace? Really! Dudes!

      You don't fool anybody. Your "nuff said" and "good luck with your investments" signatures only expose your identities for all to see. And your ridiculous cheerleading for Walgreens stock, which has delivered a scalding performance to shareholders of record for well over half a decade, only sets you up for ridicule as "jerks" of the lowest order.

      Walgreens S/P has SUCKED for 7+ YEARS. It has moved well beyond the "Buy and Hold" threshold to the "Buy and Die" reality of being a moribund investment! That's moribund. Means: "dead".

      Walgreens employees need to return to the pharmacy counters and try to reduce the large number of misfill DEATHS that seem to occur at Walgreens Pharmacies. USA Today recently wrote a 4-part series on the RISKS associated with getting a prescription filled at a retail pharmacy. That means WALGREENS... which was the most mentioned perpetrator in the expose'.

      There are problems in this investment. I have enumerated just a few.

      So... what's up with MedicAid reimbursements, the AT&T pharmacare biz, Universal Healthcare, the State of Texas employees pharma-plan?

      Oh, nevermind. You just want folks to buy WAG stock at an elevated price so you can make money. Right?

      I thought so!



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