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  • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Mar 17, 2008 12:24 AM Flag

    It's A bear(Stearns) Markey Starting Monday

    From a 52 week high S/P of $159 to a sale price of $2/share. Think that's the end of it?

    Meltdown Alert! Meltdown Alert! Bomp! Bomp! Bomp!

    Think gold and T-bills looked bad when I recommended them, weeks ago? Many of you scoffed. Let's see how they look tomorrow!

    And, as for Walgreens, well what value do you think all that REAL ESTATE will have in an "R" economy (Yikes... the Balance Sheet... gadzooks)? And what value will all those glitzy new pre-fab store fronts have when the job market dismisses all those recessionary
    "displacements" who lose medical benefits and can only afford $4 generics at Wally?

    This is REAL STUFF, there, dudes.

    For others in Fantasyland, well there are $60K Corvette rides in the desert to look for Charlie Manson's handiwork.



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    • I went to the Capital Grille last Saturday, reluctantly, since the BM had announced that his favorite company, Darden, had purchased it. I expected that the linen tablecloths and napkins would be replaced by paper ones, but I had NOT expected that they would have switched to paper plates and plastic cutlery also! You could see all of the touches that BM associated with "FINE DINING" had been implemented and a drive-up window was allegedly in the works also. The only thing missing from BM's ultimate restaurant was karaoke night and a polka band for some atmosphere. LOL!

      Actually I found NO discernible changes YET, but I am expecting they will do something to screw it up eventually! I spent the equivalent of BM's entire portfolio on the 24 oz dry-aged porterhouse steak and it was delicious! I might even go back again!

    • LOL! Basher, I think you nailed it! Remember his slip up when he referred to his spouse as "Mr. Wife?"

      Yank, you can come out. There's nothing wrong with it.

    • " Do you notice how his lame attempts at comedy usually involve pedophilia and homophobia?"

      Maybe "daddy-in law" only had BOYS for offspring!

    • Let's make a list of what Yank does know instead of dwelling on ALL that he doesn't know! This message board doesn't have enough lines to list all that he doesn't know!

      All right, here goes.


      I'm trying to think of SOMETHING!

      Still thinking, but not coming up with ANYTHING!

      There MUST be SOMETHING he knows!

      All right, I give up, I am STUMPED! I guess he knows NOTHING! LOL!

      I did give it a good try though, just NOTHING comes to mind!

    • Do you notice how his lame attempts at comedy usually involve pedophilia and homophobia? I wonder what was really involved in daddy-in-law's "gifting" of his wag shares (which are now dscm shares! LOL!). Either that or he just has a lot of pent-up sexual frustrations due to his inadequacies and functionally difficult girth. His wife probably has him on a permanent diet, which would explain his lashing out at steak houses. Or maybe he just can't afford a nice rib-eye at Ruth's Chris. Either way, he continues to reinforce his reputation as an envious penniless loser with no life, posting and starring madly 24/7. That's why he's the BM (Board Moron). I find it hilarious that he's finally embraced his BM title. LOL!

    • Here is a tip for BM, DON'T TRY TO BE FUNNY, just post your usual nonsensical material and that will be humorous enough! What anybody else would view as a "quip" with BM it is a serious remark, due to stupidity or denseness! BM's predictions are laughable and his pompous prognostications absurd, so what does he need with contrived humor? LOL!

    • 10. Once shot a 77 on the back nine at Sawgrass.
      9. Used a Big Bertha to tee off at Putt-Putt
      8. Took the 3 pre-teens in his foursome to
      Mortons for steaks and Shirley Temples.
      7. Once parred the windmill hole on #12.
      6. Banned from the Men's clubhouse lockeroom
      for coninuously dropping soap in the shower.
      5. Can't distinguish between making "putts"
      and being a "putz."
      4. Can't distinguish between "going for the
      flag" and "going for the fag."
      3. Bought Walgreens because it rhymed with
      golf greens.
      2. Wants to proliferate new golf courses for
      convenient "play" on every corner.
      1. Took up golf, in the 1st place, so he could
      at least have SOME balls.

      Tata, there, Ivan!


    • nice post yank, you got 67 5 stars rating including mine, I like the part with the $60K corvette with charlie manson,it is so true.
      Nice job amigo.

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