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  • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Mar 18, 2008 11:58 PM Flag

    The Pharma War Is On!

    PBM's to the left of me. Wellness providers to the right of me. Universal health and pharmacare in the bombers above me. Store-front clinics popping up from subterranian regions. And Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements on the attack in a full, frontal assault.

    Wow! There's some red blankets, coming up!

    Think the pharmacy space is a safe haven in a RECESSION? Online, maybe. Small box? No way, Jose!

    Wal*Mart tested a new 52 week high, today. Walgreens rose less than the broad market Dow after a preceding and catastrophic six month performance.

    Will earnings save the Wagsters? I guess we will find out on Monday 3/24.

    "Bring out your dead!"



    ps. BM = BananaMasher!

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    • <Think the pharmacy space is a safe haven in a RECESSION? Online, maybe.>

      BM is still pumping Let's see how he's done since moving out of wag and into dscm:

      Daddy-in-law would not be happy. LOL!

    • It's more like this:

      BM=bowel mouth=yank

      More shite from the shitester.

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      • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Mar 20, 2008 12:34 AM Flag

        It's more like this: suxxx2bu = bananarug4 = cmxsux. Same crap, different ID's. But the collective stupidity is... well... both stunning and stupendous! Unmistakable!

        Want to hide behind the skirts of the AMA regarding an MD's pharma-referrals? The AMA is an MD's group that will surgically remove WAG's testicles if it attempts to tap their member's revenue stream! Fact!

        RNP's serve a very real purpose, and it is not my intention to trash an honorable profession or the very talented people that provide patient care. However, THEY ARE NOT DOCTORS. THEY HAVE NO DEGREE IN MEDICINE. Hello? Anybody listening?

        Doctors will not sit idly by and allow a retail pharmacy chain to replace themselves so Walgreens can simplistically harvest RX volume at the point of diagnosis. It ain't happenin', dudes, and WAG can invest $BAZILLIONS... if they are so stupid... and all that will happen is that the MD side of the ledger will shun WAG as a pharmacy provider like THE PLAGUE!

        Facts are facts!



    • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Mar 19, 2008 12:11 AM Flag

      Hey, what could be better than a war brought on by WAG clinics to compete with the MD Profession?

      "Oh, the doctors are so busy, they'll love it."

      Yeah, right. When reimbursements for healthcare fall, just as they will also in pharmacare, the REAL MD's will need patient throughput for volume, or see their practices RUINED by the declining revenues line intercepting the insurance for malpractice line ascending.

      So. Do you think the real Doc's will roll over and play dead while RNP's at Walgreens buy golf club memberships at Pebble Beach?


      Watch and learn, there, Waggies. An MD that served a miserable residency of twenty hour shifts, 6 days/wk, for years and carries into private practice a tuition burden approaching the cost of an average home is NOT likely to send patients to a wellness competitor!

      Stupid is as stupid does!

      WAG leadership has thrown down the gauntlet and bitten the hand that feeds them.

      Nice move, there, Jeff.




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      • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Mar 19, 2008 12:36 AM Flag

        Hey, here's an idea. Why don't MD's form a partnership, by hospital, with a preferred PBM for patient Pharmacy care with approved dispensary providers?

        Either the hospital pharmacy OR an approved pharmacare provider are cited as preferred providers by the writing MD.

        Of course, the matter could be more decisively decided by electronic encryption of the prescription that can only be read and filled by an approved dispensary.

        How about them apples? Stuff like this DOES happen when a lumbering, corporate dinosaur trods on a proud MD's potential livelihood!

        Does WAG want to be IN healthcare, or does WAG aspire to BE healthcare? USA Today clearly posed whether, in fact, Walgreens has the capacity to be in either one!



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