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  • scottstheone2 scottstheone2 Apr 29, 2008 4:40 AM Flag

    My own observations


    I've noticed in my local Walgreen stores over the past year...

    --poor management
    --fewer customers
    --lower-priced items
    --more garbage items similar to a dollar store
    --incompetent pharmacy
    --pharmacy managers overpaid
    --opening too many stores close together
    --too many middle managers
    --candy selection has decreased
    --security has got worse decide

    This topic is deleted.
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    • They decreased the candy selection? Oh crap. It's bad enough this "recession proof" stock is taking a dive. Now I'm really miserable.

    • ivanstarme is board pollution and needs his head slapped on occasion, for fun mostly.

      A slight correction on yank. He CLAIMED to put us all on ignore, which in addition to pussy, makes him a liar and a coward.

    • Back to the, <that's what you are but what am I> game? Ivan_starme, are you a toddler or just mentally delayed?

    • I have to agree with you on all of your remarks and specially the ones about Phcy (Rx) and candies, to tell you the truth I buy all of these at CVS and WMT, I hope all Wag phcies. are not the same.

    • Taiguy,
      You have to remember that all of BM's "investments" are IMAGINARY and when he actually comes out and claims one of these fictitious "investments" it always tanks in short order, as I am sure WalMart will soon! He couldn't make money with tomorrows newspaper TODAY!

    • " I've noticed in my local Walgreen stores over the past year..." Possible that he does shop Walgreens since we fill a tremendous amount of welfare scrips.

      "fewer customers" That's why the customer count keeps going up and Wag keeps filling an even greater percentage of the available scrips each year!

      "lower-priced items" We will raise all prices immediately, LOL!

      "pharmacy managers overpaid" Wow, I knew that the pharmacy manager's name is on the outside of the store, but their salary too! Wow! I guess everybody seems "overpaid" to the unemployed.

      "opening too many stores close together" ALL of these stores make money, sometimes when they are as close as a few blocks away from each other!

      "candy selection has decreased" You need to go on a diet obviously so that's doing you a favor. Wag's candy selection is double or triple WalMart or Target's.

      "security has got worse" When in doubt, let it out. We will catch YOU next time!

      "you decide" You make it tough to choose between IDIOT or MORON! I choose MORON, as in BOARD MORON! LOL!

    • cmxsux,

      My aunt tried mail order for one year. One of her shipments was "lost" in the mail (90 day supply of Lipitor, hctz Norvasc, Nexium, and Celebrex) Well, after going several days w/o her meds, she asked me to intervene. I had them overnight her another supply, and they had to eat the cost (about $750 at the time). I would expect that lost Rxs are a significant cost to mailorder operations.

    • Walmart is setting another 52 week high, today, and I don't need to post there because the momentum is obvious to successful investors.

      Then there are the LOSERS like you that "pump" pigs that never go anywhere!

      When your cmxsux ID has no answers, switch to "ivan" or "bananarug4" for some other childish retort because you CAN'T ARGUE THE FACT THAT THIS IS, HAS BEEN FOR A LONG TIME AND IS LIKELY TO REMAIN A LOUSY INVESTMENT FOT A LONG PERIOD OF TIME!



    • cmxsuxdork!

      Suck it up, there, dude.



    • Oh, and dork,

      You are in the business (or claim to be) and you get your scripts by mail...

      Such brutal condemnation of the mailorder biz!



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