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  • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Aug 14, 2008 12:05 AM Flag

    CVS Wins! WAG Loses!

    It's as simple as that.

    "Game, set, match"... CVS!



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    • Oops!~ i meant walgreen lovers = brown and williamson leadership = big fat losers!

    • You guys are like the lawyers and the people at Brown and Williamson that wanted to try to take down Jeff Weigand. What happened to Brown and Williamson ... OH, yeah they had to shell out money to state goverments, Like Walgreens is shelling out money to the FEDS



      Oh yeah, and until you guys can post something with going BROWN and WILLIAMSON on YANK or those that tell the truth (drawing up charges that are false and scant or drummed up in an sorry attempt to smear another person or NOT DOING ANY RESEARCH AND MAKE A TOTAL A$$ of YOURSELFS), DO NOT POST!

    • Hola Yanqui, I see you are still defecaring and slobbering on this message board like an incontinente senil jackass! When are you going to come down here for a visit? I have many jobs that the donkeys will not do, since it is beneath their intelligence and those jobs would be a perfect fit for you! I don't need a raton who begs and grovels to have his posts starred like your alias ivanstarme, I need a mucho macho hombre like Senor Bananarug4! Learn from him amigo and try and grow some testículos so you are not so cobarde!


      El Presidente

    • Poor, ignorant Yank gets another thrashing from one of his intellectual superiors (which are numerous), in this case Cmxsux2, due to his poor posting prowess and general lack of education. Even with his head wedged firmly up his posterior so he couldn't hear or see his embarrassment, Yank has to realize what a fool he is making of himself! Take the plunge Yank and try to improve yourself intellectually and educationally and at least complete the rudimentary requirements to obtain your GED, for which I have provided the link on more than one occasion and stop this embarrassment for yourself! Lying is one thing, you do it constantly, but extreme stupidity is another glaring problem of yours that you can try and rectify. Please cease and desist any posting until you smarten up and you will avoid the beatings that you have taken from Cmxsux2 and Bananarug4! It's for your own good that I keep giving you this advice!

    • 1dascreet23 Aug 15, 2008 10:54 PM Flag

      CVS has been spending and going further in debt with all these acquisitions yet they have been cutting their pharmacists hours and moving them to different stores and making life miserable for key employees. To many aquisitions and the rate at which they are achieving them can and will backfire. To much debt and trying to grow to fast can be very negative.

    • I would love for you to explain so I can get some insight to your thinking this way. Speak about what is forthcoming for the future for CVS/Caremark-Longs

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      • What is the future for CVS/Longs?

        The future is: to overrun Walgreens with superior retail, PBM and marketing advantages.

        Cut Walgreens out of more and more insurance pharmacare programs by reducing reimbursements and by making retail redemptions only available at CVS/Longs locations.

        Take advantage of Walgreens ridiculous and grandiose Pharmacist compensation programs by initially hiring BETTER people at CVS, and by offereing them a better, longterm and stable future. Allow your employees to at least take a lunch and pee break, like normal human beings would expect, from any compassionate employer (except Walgreens).

        What is coming in the future for CVS? Huge success! Huge shareholder rewards!

        What is coming in the future of Walgreens? Extreme pain and continued loss of shareholder value.