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Walgreen Co. Message Board

  • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Sep 14, 2008 12:10 AM Flag

    Yank Owns This Board!

    Looking at the "Noise" it remains crystal clear that I continue to OWN this message board.

    You guys have nothing else to talk about and most all of your ID's mimic mine.

    Case closed.

    "Book 'em, Dano!"

    Yank-obsessed LOSERS!




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    • No Yank, the Mission Statement
      was writing by THE RINGLING BROS.



    • It not so bad that almost EVERY poster who is not a Yank ID ridicules Yank as a total knucklehead! The funniest thing is that his immediate family and supposed "friends" are even worse than the average posters! The list of critics is long but it includes his mother, his uncle, his ex father-in-law, his current boss on the janitorial crew, his best friend, his bus driver, who has to shuttle him around town to fast food restaurants etc, all on the taxpayers dime and one of his elementary school teachers. It doesn't even begin to address all of the anti-Yank IDs that have proliferated here and also doesn't include the Yank "knock-offs". What a LOSER!


    • When Yank has no answer he becomes ivanstarme
      he gets so excited thus his pants he does pee
      he is frustrated, angry and is thoroughly a loser
      it happens quite often since the boards he's a cruiser
      he's mad that he's nothing and all others have more
      he blames other posters but it's at himself he should be sore
      he thinks that he's a target and it's more whining as usual
      but it's the beatings from Bananarug that have made him delusional

    • You should know you're a pompous fat azz
      the dumbest poster who's last in his class
      right now you only starting to circle the drain
      but soon you'll go down, I'll be glad to explain
      you sit in a stupor and try to post your weird views
      but posters have dismissed you like yesterday's news
      so say adios to the posters who mock you
      we moved up and onward and left you to stew

    • Screw you Yank.

      Your "ivanstarmy" lap dog is the king of cut and paste.

      You know it is most likely him just trying to set me up or for that matter, it may be you trying to make it look like me.

      It was not me. I hate knockoffs. Plus, I only have one ID. Unlike you Yank.

    • Ten years with negative share price growth for investors and a paltry dividend return reveal only an apparent disdain for the real "owners" of WALMART.

      Where'd all the money go that could have rewarded shareholders? Just take a stroll down "insider" lane and check out the share options that rewarded top management. Or review the posts from the "entitled".... WMT executives that "shared WALMART" to a disporportionate extent versus the shareholders they work for, but whom got next to nothing for their investment/ownership. Only the WMT message board has message after message posted by (self-described) "wealthy" EXECUTIVES that repeatedly brag about their extreme wealth, upscale homes, cars, golf clubs and expensive restaurant excursions. In fact, many of these amply rewarded WMT EXECUTIVES mock the aggrieved shareholders or regular store illegal immigrant employees that try to post here to question the fairness or appropriateness of the conspicuous wealth entitlement practice within WALMART. These "displays" of EXECUTIVE reward and egotistical entitlement are not found on the WAG board in relation to their pharmacists, the RAD board nor were they common on the Longs board before their acquisition.

      There's a problem here. Employee rewards and shareholder rewards should bear some correlation of equality or equanimity after a decade of posted results!


      Hope somebody has the guts to confront this DISGRACE at the shareholders meeting!



    • Yank avoids the challenge.

      Therefore, I continue my rule over Yank.

      Lets list the reasons.

      1. Caused him to go to a psychiatrist which told him to stay away from the Yahoo message boards because I was causing him so much frustration that it was making him go crazy. The result was an abscence of over 40 days of not posting.

      2. Yank made a bet that he owned a significant amount of CVS stock and he would prove it, for 100K. I proved with his own words that he did not. Showing everyone a post in which he stated he owned a small amount of CVS stock. Knowing he was beat by me, he decided to change the terms of the bet to mean "significant = 1 share".

      3. He owes me 100K from the above bet.

      4. He continually rips WAG for giving their pharmacists 10% off WAG stock. However, when I point out that CVS gives 15%, he goes silent. Another tell tale sign of when Yank is beaten.

      5. He attacks me in over 80% of all his posts. Nuff said.

      6. He uses multiple and knock off ID's to attack me. Nuff said II.

      7. He continually has my ID's banned by Yahoo, if I was not a threat to him, why would he spend months of his time going through the process? Another victory for me.

      8. Today I challenged him as the alleged Owner of this board that if he was truly the all powerful OZ that he would immediately prevent me from posting on these boards. I am still here.

      So Yank.

      Consider yourself removed from whatever chair you think you sit in. There is only one sheriff in this town. It is and has always been me.



    • As a poster Kanuk seems both creepy and weird
      it's obvious he's a halfwit who's not to be feared
      he spends his whole day bending over for Yank
      while stocks that he pumps go straight in the tank
      his education is lacking he posts like a fool
      he apparently took the short yellow bus to his school
      he's an ignorant basher and needs a job he can keep
      luckily there's trash cans to empty and streets he can sweep

    • <Yank is The Board Owner and CEO.>

      There are about 2 promotions between Walgreen's floor sweeper and CEO, and no promotions for Banana_the_loser and all his id's (a 43 year old towelhead loser who still lives with a camel in San Antonio but pretends to live in Mas).

      So I'd say he has no future ahead. LOL!

      Strong sell: Wag
      Strong Buy: CVS, WMT and MCD.

    • Taiguy,
      You forgot to mention BM's other favorite stock Walmart, which last split in April 1999 and on November 1st of 1999 was the same price is is TODAY! Sounds like NO GROWTH to me! LOL!
      If you bought WalMart later at +$55 OR $60 like BM undoubtedly did, then he has LOST MONEY! LOL!

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