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  • rgsam54 rgsam54 Oct 12, 2008 8:39 PM Flag

    The Essential Problem with Walgreen


    And will implemented. I have been with Walgreens for 25 years. This stratgey is sound. You must be patient. Why Walgreens price is expanding I just don't have an answer. and Nothing that has been posted makes sense on why. Before the last split Walgeens price was around 55 with a PE of about 58. If we didn't have the last split the price would be aroung $47. with a PE of about 12. They have continued expansion. Sales keep going up even after 9/11 which hurt everything. and this so called recission that we are in. The S/L crise of the 1980' and the oil embargo hurt us much more and the newspapers can only report doom and gloom. they are good for shit. There are only a smaller amount of banks that are reallly hurting and Walgreens is still managing to do pretty good with all this shit. After this is works it way through. who ever buys in now won't regret it.

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