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  • dotti.girl dotti.girl Oct 13, 2008 9:32 AM Flag

    The Essential Problem with Walgreen

    All the stores(and managers) need to be on the same page...and they are not. Each store is ran so differently. You can confirm this by visting and or transfering to another store.
    Company policy is ignored in one, and enforced
    in another.
    I to agree they have perhaps over built, in fear of losing out to which they seem to be doing. On the other hand, I like Walgreens alot and am by choice a loyal shopper only to them. Does anyone think perhaps the new CEO, will be able to turn things around?
    To me it appears Walgreens is in need of new blood and ideas in order to get back on top.
    Debert...apparantly you have personal issues with Wag, and that is not the issue here. Sorry.

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    • Ditto girl, You are right, the stores are lost. Everyone is doing something differant and the operations dept. is just lost. The stores are all over the place. I did see a clean store the other day, but most are getting filthy, some managers still care, most think it is them against us spirit!
      This is just a mess, wags used to be an ok company, but everything is so messed up. One day, wags is buying longs, othe next day, they are out, one day wags have a ceo, next day , no. How can anyone have any idea where they are going, what is going on. So much in fighting, no one knows what to do?
      it's a company melt down!

    • Dotti.girl - i did not want to make it personal ... Walgreens made it personal

      the reason why, the complaint about lynn reed on ... Walgreens stated the biggest lie on an official document that i was thomas!

      that is why i have a problem with walgreens, they are liars!