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  • stockmann2411 stockmann2411 Oct 14, 2008 6:28 AM Flag

    it's not the managers fault! stores are dirty!

    no one is blaming the managers for the filthy conditions at wags. We all saw what they did when they missed earnings, they cut payroll, cause it was out of control. This just screwed the stores up more. We all understand how over worked managers are, the supervisors are over worked and spread way too thin, they have to travel from one end of the state to the other side, some, not seeing stores for months at a time, if ever.
    Who knows! this beast is just old and tired, good luck...

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    • I respectfully disagree. If the store managers are not IN the stores the stores will suffer. Period. They are salaried employees. I understand that meetings and such pull them out of the stores, or off the floors, but when things are bad you put in the hours needed and set an example. They got used to the good times when it was OK to work your 40 and go (even if 10 to 14 hours of your 40 were at meetings). To be fair this is not all of them for sure, but enough to make a difference that customers see. The EXA's and assistants are left behind in these stores to plug far too many holes. As for the district staff... if you've been around a little while you'd remember when a district was as many as 30-35 stores. Now it's about 20. "Stretched" as you say? No. Part of it is that fast growth has promoted too many store managers and pharmacy managers who need hand-holding (and more) as they probably are over their heads (and abilities), and another part is the promotion of district staff who could not run their own departments or stores (or at least have that reputution rightly or wrongly) and now they have to teach others to do what they couldn't handle themselves. Again, as with the managers there are many fine people in the districts, but enough weak ones (or those without credibility) to make a huge difference that can been seen. There are other reasons for the store's problems but I tried to keep my response on topic with your statements.