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  • rgsam54 rgsam54 Oct 14, 2008 3:08 PM Flag

    it's not the managers fault! stores are dirty!

    I listen to you guys about the stores being dirty and they are not. I have been in many stores in many different areas this is not a problem. Upper management problem (top heavy)makes alot of sense. The rest makes yourself sound like idiots.

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    • The managers are in the stores much more than the 40 hours, yes they have tons of meetings and most store managers are fed up with being treated so bad. it used to be so easy, but things have gotten out of hand, are the stores dirty, YES, do you want a manager or a house maid! Do you think the managers can do everything? easy for you to sit behind your computer and make fun of the wags managers, but you could not do it either!

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      • This is horrible, how can you expect the store managers to do everything, employees, customers, schedules, meetings, hours cuts, hr issues and now you are looking for a freeekin maid too....
        Good luck,
        The customers dont care about how shinny crap is, they are lookin to buy stuff, do you think you can do better , step up! next, you would not last ten minutes here, the country club it is not!
        everyone is making such a big deal about how dirty the stores are, I dont see any customers complaining!