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  • hulksweider2000 hulksweider2000 Oct 15, 2008 10:30 AM Flag

    Moronic posts about dirty stores

    discuss - the fundamentals - its all that matters - the 75 cars parked in a 75 car lot of one of the local Walgreen's tells a different story - plus the store is not dirty. Short the stock but you are full of s###.

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    • Wow, I didn't know you were from San Antonio CMX, that does make you an expert on wags.
      LMOA. You said you had a store in your town and it was clean and that meant all wags were clean mr expert.
      Well, you must not get out much. Then your other id says that wags are clean in such a great place as SA.
      Did you not think we would catch that? PLEASE! you are transparent to say the least.
      SA and wags both suck.
      With that being said, You really should move along from the board as you are totally not qualified to comment.
      If you say that clean stores don't matter, you are off your rocker old man.

    • And the plural would be as in "The Beverly Hillbillies".


      Just funnin' ya too.

    • If you live in San Antonio, you are more than qualified to comment on cleanliness. Your city and especially the River Walk is pristine. I am sure you are proud of your town.

      On a less serious note Texas has only the second best BCS team behind Alabama. I would have included Penn State but didn't think it was fair to compare a team that could play in the NFL with the likes of those two schools.

    • <…” hill billys on this board”>>

      Psst…ralphy…..”hill billy” is one word mensa boy….LMAO

    • Well at least you answered my question about whether you were smart enough to know that you are making a fool out of yourself….LMAO…I cannot think of anything more asinine that to try and argue that the primary reason a multibillion dollar company is in the crapper is due to an issue with cleanliness or lack thereof. Your issue is a big nonissue….

      BTW: I don’t know where you live but in San Antonio there is a WAG every 2-3 miles no matter which way you drive. I have no doubt that after 28 years in this business I have been in a sufficiently large enough sample of WAG stores to form an opinion as to the cleanliness of their operation….LMAO

    • face the facts farm boys!

    • it is not one person talking about filthy wags... you are the problem, put your head in the sand and act like everything is just peachy... you want to talk about the stock, just hit new lows, now you see why you need to open your eyes and see the filthy stores, you can talk about 75 cars in the lot, not seein it either and people are going to better cleaner stores of the competitors down the street!
      Even rad is cleaner!

      • 2 Replies to ralph2you
      • Ralph you are dumber than a box of rocks….Everybody on this board has been to both WAG stores as well as all of the competition. Your issue has already been resolved by all of the readers of this board eons ago. In the town in which I reside there are tons of locations in which a WAG store and a CVS store are directly across the street from each other. Less than half a mile away are WMT’s and HEB’s. All of them score roughly the same with regards to cleanliness. You are making a fool out of yourself. That begs the question: Are you smart enough to realize it?......

      • 2 or 3 people - thats hillarious - The cheaper the stock gets the better I like it. I expect to buy it in the teens and will be getting a nice dividend - They keep posting excellent earnings - and although I know its being shorted - that will eventually end.

    • I agree

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