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  • dotti.girl dotti.girl Oct 23, 2008 10:56 PM Flag

    New Comment..

    Okay...I sit usually in the back ground reading all of your posts,and very seldom say anything...cause you people scare me most of the time.I must say it has gotten to the point that I can't tell anymore if this board is about stock issues or, just a place to point, yell and make nasty attacks on people. Actually I really like what you guys have to say about what you expect to wise.It appears from time to time there are some knowledgable folks on here in regards to the stock itself.Having said that, I expect that as bad as things are yet to come, that WAG
    could very well prevail in the future.
    Since there is so many of you that care to comment on how poorly-or good WAG is ran, please share just what you think should be done in order for the stock and the stores to
    rally around big time in the future. I think this question should be directed to those-if any- who actualy work for WAG now.
    Whadda think? P.S. Gimme me a break on the dirty store issue PLEEEZ, this has been over talked already :)

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    • wags says they are going to over haul the company!

    • dotti, very interested in your thoughts?

    • As a 10 year WAG employee, I have complete confidence that WAG will improve its financials soon. I know it is a cliche, but steps are being put in place to allow us to work "smarter not harder". I have recently purchased more stock, so I am putting my money where my mouth is. I would be lying if the past year has not caused me some concern, but I feel things will be looking up soon.

    • BUY BUY BUY!!!

      We employees of WAG will fight you naysayers to the bitter end! I don't care if each and every last one of us has to buy 100 shares just to keep everything afloat...we will DO WHAT IT TAKES!!!

      You can trash the upper management all you want, but don't you DARE start to question the dedication and resolve of the hourly employees who are the BACKBONE of this great company!!!


      Loyal WAG Employee

    • interesting

    • This stock is now at a point where its becoming a value stock rather than a growth stock - and its 1. Trading in and extremely volatile - bear market. 2. Finding a balance between lower growth expectations and reasonable valuation. 3. In the end its about earnings - which have basically met expectations in a very difficult economy. 4. It is now in the ridiculous phase - eps expectations are way too high for this valuation - so you are not being rewarded for risk right now - as is the case of almost all equities. 5. I do consider this to be an outlet for consumer staple and it will still be standing when the current turmoil is over. 6. The chart shows and important test of establishing a bottom - and I believe that because of market volatility and tax loss selling in the 4th quarter - patience will result in an opportunity for a better entry.

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      • You hit the nail on the head. They have cut their growth and changed all the key indicators used to value the stock. They changed because the drug delivery system/market is changing. Retail free standing stores while in convenient locations have high cost to deliver scripts. WAG management, being lost, went out and bought a couple of business which I question are doing very well. If they are management is to stupid to split off the businesses and show investor what a good purchase they were. Instead the numbers are hidden in the declining and worthless revenue and SSS numbers. One percent growth is really a contraction. The contraction will get worse as new store openings slow. Forward projections took a hit and the stock tanked. Sure some of its stock market conditions. However a lot is the ineffective management. As consumers get hurt they will stop impulse and convenience buying. They have to go to the gas station and grocery store they don't need to go to the wag pharmacy as the grocery store and mass boys can fill their scripts. The 4 buck script has most certainly hurt them. The first thing that needs to happen is the board of directors needs to go. Then the management. This company needs new leadership to adjust to a new market environment. The current board and management are clueless. The failed longs deal is an example of how clueless they are.

    • In order for Walgreens to make a comeback, they have to give better customer service. They have much too much "upper" and "middle" management. Their only answer to poor performance is to cut the help in the store. When pharmacy has 1 to 2 hour waits no wonder people go to the competition. Walgreens needs another supervisor or another vice president like a hole in the head. The solution would be to take payroll out of the corporate office and put it back in the stores where it belongs.

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      • I agree with that!

      • "In order for Walgreens to make a comeback, they have to give better customer service"

        Now that your dead carcass is out of store management I am sure they will. 99% of the Walgreen stores I have visited are well run and clean. The other 1%, run by slackers who retired and then collected their paychecks for another ten years before they officially retired and let the company know, like retirenow did, run outhouses which resemble 99% of the stores run by CVS! You sat on your azz b!tching about how tough you had it instead of working hard and taking care of business. You were to management what Yank was to camera clerks!


    • Thank you to all that have posted so far.. I am in total agreement with all of your comments, and have been saying the same thing for last couple of years.There is alot more to running a store than just another "warm body"- and that is what we have alot of...warm bodies..again thank you...

    • good post...
      clean up the stores and we will talk.... Just joking!
      The answer is with wags mgmt.
      The workers are killing themselves, but the money is being wasted, the longs deal was a complete bust, just my opinion.
      The ceo thing has hurt the direction of the company, they used to be such a cuttung edge company, now they just seem to follow. I don't know, so frustrating! It is ugly.
      Again, store managers, field managers can only do so much, the top mgmt has to wake up, that is why I post, maybe someone on top will one day read a post and say, hey, this is the way the common joe see's the company.
      Who knows, just such a shame to see this stock go down the tubes.
      Wags needs leadership!
      its just an ole worn out company full with yesterday ideas!
      This is 2008 and they operate like 20 years ago.

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      • The real problem with WAG was that in order to fuel their rapid expansion they were promoting many people to Store Manager and District Manger too soon - they may have understood basic concepts but not alternative solutions to atypical situations when they arose; from merchandising to scheduling to handling employees properly they are lacking the superior skills that are developed with experience. In the old days in took 5 to 8 yrs to be a store manager (now 2 to 3 yrs) and it took 10 to 15 more yrs to be a District Manger (now 4 to 6 yrs).
        Add into the equation an oversaturation of stores in some markets and growing competition ($4 generics) and you have a recipe for stagnant price appreciation at best. Pharmacy same store sales grew at ONE PERCENT last quarter - hardly giving bulls a reason to rush out and buy shares.

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