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  • howeyecit howeyecit Oct 31, 2008 11:57 PM Flag

    Does WAG fear a Union movement is underway?

    I was told today by a clerk that there is an anti-Union propaganda video disguised as a "learning module" making it's way through the stores for non-management employees, and that it's mandatory to watch it and agree to it? Is this true? If so is this a hidden reason (in part) for the large price decline that we haven't picked up on? I never suspected Unions to be an issue after what happened to the last pharmacist strike a few years back. As I remember the managers were bragging how few Union members actually went out on strike. How many stores have representation anyway? And aren't most stores (by far) in so-called "right to work" States? Any insight from those in the know here?

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    • union = cancer

    • Yep ...all true.. video is about making sure you read before you sign anything...yet it uses the union as an example...very clever way of amking a statement...well to them at least.

    • The training video is simply about how Union officials can trick people into joining Unions. At no point in the video does it ask people not to join a Union or to make an agreement to not join. All it simply says is to always make sure you know what you're signing and to read the fine print.

      Also, this video is required to be watched by EVERYONE. This includes Management (MGTs, EXAs, and Store MGRs).

      I'm a MGT at a Walgreens.

    • Have you seen the track record of Unionized companies? Take GM for instance, it's IMPOSSIBLE for them to meet their retirement and healthcare obligations. I repeat - IMPOSSIBLE! It's kind of like the national debt, the union leaders have forced the company to promise obligations it knows it cannot pay for. The only reason the U.S. has not been declared bankrupt is that Congress has the ability to tax - and they eventually will. Companies have no such provision. UNIONS BANKRUPT COMPANIES!!! As for the video, acknowledging that you had seen it is all you had to do. There was no arm twisting (unlike union leaders), manipulating, etc. Just mere acknowldegement that you had seen it. By the way, it was probably very informative to most employees who were unaware of union tactics. And by the way, if you don't like who you work for, don't like the pay, don't like the benefits, don't like the time off - then FIND ANOTHER JOB! You'll find most unionized companies chock full of underperforming, whining employees who like the fact that the company can't fire their rear end on the spot. THANK GOODNESS FOR RIGHT TO WORK STATES!!

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      • Her's my take on the whole mess!
        This may come as a shocker, As much as wags sucks right now, as badly run as they are! THe answer is not a Union, As a matter of fact and being a wags shareholder, This would be the final straw!
        I want wags to shape up, get rid of the bozo's and treat the managers better with more hours, but keep the Union out!
        I hate how wags is run now, but the union will only make it worse!
        People will not get another dime, it will not bring back the christmas gift cards, it will not do anything, except make some Union reps rich, JMO!
        I sure wish wags can get their crap together, I hope this never gets off the ground, but darn it wags!
        stop cutting all the darn hours, stop beating up store mgmt, stop doing stupid stuff, that longs thing was the biggest mistake ever and it makes wags look like a bunch of Clowns!
        but, as bad as wags is! as horrible a run company i have never seen, a Union is never the answer!
        I dont know if wags can ever be saved, but going Union will make sure it is gone for good!
        I just want to get back my investment, sell and get the heck out of this nightmare called wags!

    • All I can tell you the pharmacists in my town said a few years ago wag pays the non-union pharmacists a little more to keep them from unionizing. I'm not a big union person. However if it would give pharmacists lunch breaks and limits on the number of scriptburgers they can be forced to fill in a hour or shift I'm all for them. Pharmacists are to stupid to speak with a united voice. The strike failed because pharmacists screwed pharmacists by covering the stores.

    • That is where i would ask for that info-- maybe a g.m./ford laid off overpaid employee- goodyear ???--all sorry products--

    • Maybe the unions are looking at Walgreens are doing to their workers and want to try to raise their base because not enough money is going into their pockets.

      And if they get Walgreens (WHICH THEY SHOULD BECAUSE OF POOR MANAGEMENT AT DEERFIELD), then they will go after CVS, Target and Wal-Mart and get those workers unionize (Which they will not get because those three are being run fairly.

      And to the Wal-Mart Haters Here is something from PENN and TELLER