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  • ralph2you ralph2you Nov 6, 2008 7:57 PM Flag

    Does WAG fear a Union movement is underway?

    Her's my take on the whole mess!
    This may come as a shocker, As much as wags sucks right now, as badly run as they are! THe answer is not a Union, As a matter of fact and being a wags shareholder, This would be the final straw!
    I want wags to shape up, get rid of the bozo's and treat the managers better with more hours, but keep the Union out!
    I hate how wags is run now, but the union will only make it worse!
    People will not get another dime, it will not bring back the christmas gift cards, it will not do anything, except make some Union reps rich, JMO!
    I sure wish wags can get their crap together, I hope this never gets off the ground, but darn it wags!
    stop cutting all the darn hours, stop beating up store mgmt, stop doing stupid stuff, that longs thing was the biggest mistake ever and it makes wags look like a bunch of Clowns!
    but, as bad as wags is! as horrible a run company i have never seen, a Union is never the answer!
    I dont know if wags can ever be saved, but going Union will make sure it is gone for good!
    I just want to get back my investment, sell and get the heck out of this nightmare called wags!

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