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  • Kanuk_PQ Kanuk_PQ Dec 18, 2008 11:37 AM Flag

    Just read this! No Christmas at wags!

    Bonus for management team, booze coming in the stores and no Xmas card for employees what a sad story.

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    • Kanuk, you simpleton, we both(I) know that the people at Walgreens who receive a bonus are extremely deserving and underpaid compared to the overpaid fat cats at CVS! Also we both(I) drink like fish and welcome the news that Walgreens will carry liquor in selected locations(about 1%), now if we(I) could actually afford to purchase something alcoholic it would really be nice! It would also be really nice if somebody sent us(ME) a Christmas card since the only card we(I) have received in the last 10 years was from the unemployment office telling me that if I didn't get off of my fat azz and look for work my benefits would cease! The exploding NastyGram that we(I) receive from Bananarug4 every year is not counted as a greeting card by the way. The truly "sad story" is my (our) biography, "The Life of a JERK"! Let's hope this year that Santa doesn't POOP in our Christmas stocking again!



    • who really cares; I am an investor and the stock is performing good. Announcing the dividend shows they are going beat the street on Monday and stock will be back over 30 with bull market close to Christmas and New Year.