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  • bananarug4 bananarug4 Dec 27, 2008 10:21 PM Flag

    Wanna see Yank getting schooled by Bananarug?


    Go to the CVS board.

    Essentially Yank was talking tough with another poster when he stated he would bet $100K that he did not own a SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF CVS SHARES.

    I took his bet.

    He tried to change the terms to him owning AT LEAST ONE SHARE OF CVS STOCK.

    I said no way, you said SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT.

    Yank then said it was a measly three percent of his portfolio. NOT SIGNIFICANT.

    Here is the great thing.

    Yank actually posted the other day that he only owned a "small stake" in CVS. His words.

    Take a look. It is the schooling of all schoolings.

    Yank is a fraud, a liar and a spineless jelly fish.

    Without a doubt, one of the greatest ass kickings on a message board EVER!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • hope he keeps kicking banana's big, fat butt! Banana needs some money in a hurry to pay of his wager!.


    • I hope he keeps kicking Yank's big, fat butt! Yank needs some money in a hurry to pay of his wager!

    • irving_dingleman what a nice GUAY name for banana it fits him very well.


    • Aw, banana, we liked you better as irving_dingleman. Maybe you are using this ID because so many of YOUR messages seem to getting deleted?


      Board Owner & CEO

    • Do you think he left 43K underwater on a poor timing play on CVS stock like you did Yank? "Watch and Learn" LMAO


      tata mensa boy..

    • The bet was never offered to you. The poster I offered the bet to said I owned NONE. YOU tried to change the terms of the bet when it became apparent you would LOSE due to your own haste and stupidity.

      Hey, why don't you post your IQ again? That was just exquisite in its consummate expression of your larger-than-life ego of huge and totally unwarrented dimensions!



      • 4 Replies to yank.wags_chain
      • Yank you damn sure posted on the CVS board last summer:

        “Bought 4000 shares at #37.50. Watch and learn”

        That is a fact. We can set aside the fact that if you did make that purchase you are now 43K underwater. That isn’t the issue. The issue is that you now are stating that you only have to prove you own 1 share of stock after clearly stating you had a “substantial position” in CVS. You can’t have it both ways. I guess that means you managed to use your mensa mentality into backing yourself into yet another corner where every option you have still makes you out to be a liar. You seem to be very good at doing that to yourself. LMAO

      • basher.detector basher.detector Dec 28, 2008 12:19 PM Flag

        The Board Moron has done it again! He has managed to make himself look like even a bigger jackass than he has ever done before. We have now learned that the word significant has new meaning and that the meaning is ONE SHARE! I am reminded of a past witty poster who coined the phrase the "Yank Double Zero Factor", where every number thrown out by Yank has the decimal point moved to the left by two points, ie 100 becomes 1, 1000 becomes 10 etc. I am also reminded of Wile E. Coyote, or a punch drunk palooka boxer who shows up time after time to lose badly or currently the Detroit Lions, when it comes to Yank, day after day, week after week and year after year, always losing to Bananarug and receiving an ass kicking! Why would anyone make a bet that they own "significant" CVS stock and then reveal that "significant" might also be ONE SHARE, which is currently 3% of his portfolio? I guess it helps if you are the Board Moron, or King of the Idiots as Ivan_paduski so aptly put it when talking about the Board Moron being the "puppet master" with all of his IDs, pulling the strings of his negative, bitter puppets like Danbert, kanuk_PQ, Dottie and whoever else supposedly has a low-level job with the Walgreen company and also has such pearls of wisdom on why they should be listened to on how they are right and of course, all of the "higher ups" are wrong! LOL! What a joke! The Board Moron just reinforced what everyone knew all along and that is that he has NO SIGNIFICANCE on this message board or in the world! Too bad, so sad! LOL!

      • Posted his purported IQ did he. He thinks he is so bright does he. So bright, I bet he can work in the dark. If he takes the towell off his head.

    • GREAT POST! I have never laughed so hard at this pompous Wag basher getting humiliated AGAIN! His ass is grass and Bananarug4 is definitely the LAWN MOWER! ROTFLMAO!