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  • Kanuk_PQ Kanuk_PQ Jan 17, 2009 6:13 PM Flag

    Yank Owns this Board Chapter 2

    Can't understand why Yahoo would delete Yank's post?????
    anyone knows????????????

    Strong Buy CVS, WMT and MCD

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    • I knew you were blaming Taiguy for every perceived slight and you need to know there are more than just Taiguy who find you amusing to aggravate! Time to go to work, I think I'll drive the Vette today! ROTFLMAO!

    • Now you know Yank!


    • You post garbage as ralph the CVS swine
      we don't care to hear any of your ignorant whine
      you cry and you moan when your fur starts to fly
      but you're happy to dish out more crap to taiguy
      so leave well alone and stop posting as kanuk
      you just make yourself look like a dope and a schmuck
      so remain there in safety on the CVS board
      that's the best way to escape the revenge of our sword

    • Yank is a fool, both ignorant and stupid
      it's Valentines month but he'll never see Cupid
      he acts rude to others but is mad when it's returned
      he tries to be clever but he always gets burned
      so keep your mouth shut Yank you're a putz and a lout
      just be thought of as stupid rather than talk and remove doubt

    • Yank claims he is gone but he always returns
      he looks closely for insults but he never quite learns
      his presence means nothing whether he's here or he's there
      we know all he's just a bag of hot air
      so fill CVS with your BS and baloney
      and quit posting here as kanuk the jabroney*

      *a jabroney is someone who is a kook or is trying to look cool by doing something very retarded

    • CVS is leading again today
      and as usual (for 10 years)wag is lagging
      pathetic, very pathetic.

    • Today is MLK Day and as we celebrate a HERO
      we still will take the time to laugh at Yank who's a ZERO
      Dr King risked his life to make everything better
      but Yank sits and bashes while his diaper gets wetter
      Dr King talked the talk and then walked the walk
      while Yank sits at home and does nothing but squawk
      so today we give thanks for this wonderful man
      while hoping that Yahoo makes a total Yank ban

    • "Mary Wells hit her height of her career in the early 60's.

      I would say this puts you at 63 and not 53."

      So lets get this straight. Yank is +400 pounds, BARELY 5'2", JUSTIFIABLY fired camera clerk, who is so insecure that he posts under a hundred IDs to try and give his half-assed views some credibility and he stars his own posts to the same end, all the while one-starring opposing views, he has a comb-over, HE IS EASILY PAST SIXTY JUDGING BY HIS OLD-MAN SKEWING OF HIS MUSIC "TASTE", he is advised by his shrink to go on vacation without his laptop(how can he use one since at his height and weight he HAS NO LAP) because Bananarug7 is making his message board life a living HELL, he lied about being an economist(it turned out he meant HOME ECONOMIST for Mr Wife Gaybert99), he claimed to be a scuba diver, but they do not make wetsuits that will cover his massive buttocks and man boobs and he would be harpooned by a passing whaler if he went into the ocean anyway and to top it all off he posts non-stop on at least two message boards where he OWNS NONE OF THE COMPANY STOCK! Does that about cover it? Sounds like a LOSER to me!


    • "Can't understand why Yahoo would delete Yank's post?????"

      Guess it is more proof that he is not the owner of the board. LOL.

    • "Can't understand why Yahoo would delete Yank's post?????
      anyone knows????????????"

      Maybe because he's an IDIOT just like YOU!


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