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  • cut_payroll cut_payroll Feb 10, 2009 8:26 PM Flag

    All my OT cut

    You sound like dead weight! As an investor I support controlling payroll expense and if elimination of all overtime is needed to increase my stock price then by all means slash the payroll. If you don't like it, GET OUT! Find another job where the company doesn't care about their expenses and spends money hand over fist. Go to the media and tell them Walgreens is controlling payroll expense and maybe the stock price will rise! Go for it. Companies have to change it up and you need to find the EXIT door!

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    • billdoolindodge billdoolindodge Feb 11, 2009 12:43 AM Flag

      Savvy investors know where labor cuts are needed and where they are not. Intelligent investors who buy retail stock also know where the revenue is generated (in the store) and where it is lost (in the corporate headquarters).

      You're either a suck-ass DM wannabe or you're another Deerfield plant.

    • I've been following this board for a long time, this is my first post:

      Cutting hours the hours that MGT were guarantedd when they were hire do not pass the 4 way test. Our company has been built and maintane by our hard working MGT's. They do ALL the grount job... cleanining feces from the bathroom, going to the pharmacy whenever they need help, reciving and putting away the freight, been the breakers of photo and cos, protecting the store assest while closing with just one other employee... and much much more...

      On the short term, stock will hold or go up, but seriously do you think is the best move in the LONG term? Walgreens family invested in WORKERS on our previous recesion, that in turn catapult our company to the number one spot. Mr. Walgreens was more concern in the future of his family bussines. He was not looking in what he was going to get is wallet in the next 2 years!

      Who do you think RUN the stores at the store level? Hint: Not the MGR.

      The only ones that they will really suffer at the will be customers and investors. MGTs now will have a better time (to rest).

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      • s3gio,

        You are obviously not from America and I am not trying to embarass you but I cannot understand what your point is.

        Also, since you are trying your best with the english language, I would suggest a spell check since your spelling is awful. Keep up the good work with learning the language.

        What country did you come from?

        Good luck.

    • As an investor, wouldn't you want people to still shop at Walgreens? Without staff in the store to help stock the shelfs and fill prescriptions, how are sales expected to increase or even stay where they are? Everyday customers complain to me about how customer service is getting worse and they leave to go shop somewhere else. As both an employee and an investor, this is not what I want to see. You have no idea how hard it is to keep the store in the condition it should be in when there is no help in the stores. I agree that cutting hours was a good idea, but they keep cutting again and again and again. I now have to run my store by myself for an hour every morning. It's impossible to be in every department at the same time. Hours have gotten cut way too much. There needs to be some kind of balance not to mention, we work way too hard for them to cut our pay. Managers at Walgreens couldn't even get a second job if they needed to to make up for the cut hours because the hours are so crappy. I bet you get to spend Christmas and Thanksgiving with your family.

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