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  • super_squinks super_squinks Feb 10, 2009 9:20 PM Flag

    All my OT cut

    I'm an assistant manager for Walgreens too.

    First, they cut our store hours and we take it out of the Cosmetics Department. Okay, whatever. Cosmetics is only a huge part of our Self Serve sales, but whatever, theres some guy sitting in an office somewhere that knows more than I. Its okay though, MGTs can cover it, right?

    Second, they cut pharmacy tech hours. But apparently thats okay too... MGTs can jump in any time and help out. I'm at a slow store and an MGT is needed in there about 3 hours out of every single day. I couldn't imagine how it is at a 24hr store. But its cool... I like working pharmacy and it allows me to expand my knowledge of how the company works.

    Third, now they cut my hours. The 4 hours OT was not something "above and beyond" what we were promised. When I was hired I was told I would work AT LEAST 4 hours OT every week and that is just how it has been and will be.

    Lastly, they ride our butts to increase sales and improve customer service ... yet I'm having to work more in Cos or Photo to cover for those hours. I'm having to work more stocking. I'm spending more time in the pharmacy. Yet, with all of this they want us to complete the same tasks, do the same quality of work, now in less amount of time.

    I just feel cheated. I go into work every day and bust my butt to make my store nice. Yet at the same time there are Store Managers that just sit on their butt around the district and talk on the phone for half the day. There are EXAs who don't give a damn about the company and work only half as hard as many MGTs.

    Now, I admit, there are a LOT of MGTs that don't hold their own weight. But there are also many of us who actually care and work hard and this is how we are repayed?

    But Walgreens can pay these cards and get away with it. The job market isn't looking all that great. I have many friends that are graduating college and aren't able to find actual jobs. I graduated and went with Walgreens as a temporary gig and now I've made it something I want to pursue. But at this rate, they won't have many of the good employees around for long. There will be greener grass somewhere else at some point.

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    • I agree 100% with your post. That is exactly how I feel.

    • Assistant managers (MGTs) have been working 44 hours (4 OT) for at least the 15+ years I've been with the company. This 4 hours OT was a bit of compensation for the amount of hard hours, nights, weekends, holidays, etc. It is part of the salary package you were informed of upon taking the job. For most MGTs, this is a gross (no pun intended) pay cut of approx. 15-18%

      My store manager said he would rather cut hours from SS clerks and give MORE hours to our MGT crew because we are all hard working, reliable, knowledgeable and experienced. This is NOT a good long term decision. Service will suffer from a demoralized management crew, and people qualified and interested in the job might think twice about a position that paid $42k last week, $35k this week. The economy won't be this bad forever.

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      • Something doesn't smell right.

        Let's take a closer look. I hire a guy, let's call him Michael Gregory Thermador (MGT). I tell him he has to work at LEAST 44 hours a week. If he works more than that to gt the job done, well, that's on his dime (fixed cost).

        I have other employees that work for 10 bucks an hour, overtime unlimited (variable cost).

        When times are tough, do I cut the guy who, after 44 hours gets zero, or do I cut the guy that gets unlimited overtime?

        In the worst case scenario, all the salaried employees are the last ones standing, managing no one but themselves because they carry a fixed expense. I wouldn't cut the fixed expense just to carry the variable expense.

        I know I'm using fancy terms like "fixed" and "variable" so I apologize in advance if you got lost.

        But if you're wondering how the "bean counters" figure this stuff out, that's how they approach it.

      • "The economy won't be this bad forever."

        If you see it that way I am sure you do not mind being EMPLOYED and making a little less for a short period of time.

        Look at it this way, you have 4 more hours a week to yourself. Maybe you can go out and get a paper route to supplement your income.

        Remember, as you said, the economy won't be bad forever.

    • Yep , grass may be greener..but it still has to be mowed... sorry a little motto of mine :)

    • Look at it this way.

      The economy sucks. People are losing their jobs. I am sorry you have lost some income with the reduction in hours. However, now is the time for employees to either shine or fade out.

      Better to be employed rather than the alternative.

    • Speaking as a recent retiree (44 years as a pharmacist)and a former stock holder, I think this about the most intelligent post in this entire chain....